Wash Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train over the net team play during your team's practice.

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Neville's Pepper

MN Select (Maple Grove, MN) shares Neville Pepper, a competitive drill with two teams competing either 4v4 or 6v6 played for two to three minutes. Coach decides how each team can score points (dig, block, kill in back court, kill off tip, etc). There are many variations for the this drill.

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Tug O War

K2 Volleyball Club (Knoxville, TN) shares a drill called Tug O War where players compete 6 v 6. Score starts at 5, Team A is trying to get to 10 and Team B is trying to get to 0. You win the rally you get the next ball.


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OWD Drill

Nancy Dorsey, 2015 AVCA High School Coach of the Year at St. James Academy (KS) shares OWD Offense, Wash, Defense Drill to work on serving and defense. The serving team works to get 5 big points on defense before offense. The goal for the team in serve receive is to be able to side-out 60% of the time.

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5v5 Games to 5

The Academy VBC (Indianapolis, IN) shares two variations of a 5 on 5 wash drill. 




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Tip Game

Kennesaw State Head Coach Keith Schunzel shares a game that focuses on scoring on and defending a zone 3 tip. This can be played with 4v4 or 5v5 and is a great way to get your players competing hard and playing great defense

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Boxed 4s

Rise Volleyball Academy (Meridian, Idaho) shares 3 variations of boxed 4s for players to compete while working on a specific concept or skill.


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Crazy Communication Drill

Dunes Volleyball Club (Rolling Prairie, IN) shares the Crazy Communication Drill with 4v4, 5v5 and 6v6 variations to get your team communicating, collaborating and developing every skill.


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Marcelos Speed Serving Game

Washington Volleyball Academy (Lynnwood, WA) shares a timed, competitive wash drill involving serve receive. You can play it with as many teams as you would like across many courts or just one or two.

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Eye Sequencing Wash Drill

Academy Volleyball Cleveland (Cleveland, OH) shares an eye sequencing drill to train blockers and back row defenders to read what is happening on the other side of the net and know where the ball is going so they can make a defensive play.

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Fix-It Wash Drill

Axis Elite Volleyball (Simpsonville, SC) shares a wash drill called Fix-It Drill that can be played 4v4 and 6v6. It focuses on correcting an error immediately after it happens, both offensive and defensive.

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Out of System 4s

Minnesota Select (Bloomington, MN) shares an out of system 4v4 drill that can be run cooperatively or competitively. The drill focuses on out of system defense, setting and attacking.

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Eclipse Wash Drill

Arrowhead High School shares a 6v6 wash drill. where teams play to 25, but the score is 15-20. The team with 15 points receives free balls from the other team with the objective to score and "eclipse" the winning team by scoring 10 points before they score 5.

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Exchange Drill

Minnesota Select (Maple Grove, MN) shares a 4v4 drill with 4 teams of 3 players and can be used for all ages. Players exchange every time the ball goes over the net, and can be modified to be cooperative or competitive.

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Net 6

The Academy VBC (Indianapolis, IN) shares Net 6, a competitive, fast paced wash drill that trains hitter coverage, out of system play, communication and competitive, high energy team play.


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The Jordy Drill

Far Out Volleyball Club (Grand Rapids, MI) shares a competitive wash drill that focuses on serve receive, sending strategic free balls, defending an in-system opponent, and building runs of 3.


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Speed Volleyball

Elite Volleyball Training Center (Columbus, OH) shares a 6v6 wash drill called Speed Volleyball that focuses on helping younger aged teams rotate quickly, focus on the next play, and adjust to the fast tempo of a live volleyball match.

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Elite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company (Columbus, Ohio) shares a drill called Blackjack that is a 6v6 scrimmage that focuses on first ball sideout and transition scored to 21 points with a 3-2-1 scale for serve receive.

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