Warm Up Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to implement as warm up before your team's practice.

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Serve Pass Cover Drill

Dead Frog Far Out Volleyball Club shares some drills they do in the beginning part of practice to work on passing, serving, covering, setting and communication.

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Competitive Warm Up Drill

Virginia Elite shares a player run warm up drill that works on every skill. 


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2v2 and 4v4 Continuous

Triangle Volleyball Club (Raleigh, NC) demonstrates a couple drills that put players in situations where they experience doing everything: dig, set and attack and have to adapt and create on the court.

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Pursue to Attack Drill

Xcel Volleyball Club (Hendersonville, NC) shares the Pursue to Attack drill that works on running down the ball, communication and a successful transition to attack.

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ACL Prevention Warm Up

Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy (Warren, MI) shares an ACL prevention warm-up they implented a few years ago, and since then they have not had any ACL tears during the season. All teams perform the agility movements at the beginning of practice.

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Offensive Transition and Cover Using a Wall

1st Alliance (Chicago, IL) shares a great drill that works on offensive transition and covering and using a wall or tarp instead of a court and net.


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4v4 Ball Control and Warm Up

Grand Strand Juniors shares a cooperative or competitive 4v4, followed by a dig set drill and dig to attack warm up. All drills emphasize communication and ball control.

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Movement Progression And Ball Handling Warm Up

Kennesaw State Head Coach Keith Schunzel shares fun and challenging movement progression and ball handling drills for the first 10 minutes of practice to get your players communicating and engaged.

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2 Ball Drills

Far Out VBC (Grand Rapids, MI) shares several creative pepper activities to focus on training players' eyes, focus on their partner and focus on the ball and what's happening on the other side of the net.

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Small Group Continuous Setting

Magnum Volleyball Club (Columbia, SC) shares a warm-up drill called Continuous Setting that has a 3 part progression. It gives players a lot of ball control touches in a short amount of time while collaborating.

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Butterfly Variations

Top Flight VBC (Elgin, IL) shares variations of the butterfly drill the coaches like to use for warm-up, with variations to work on passing, serving, setting, attacking and blocking.


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Small Court 2v2 and 4v4

Ethos Volleyball Club (Nashville, TN) shares a few drills to maximize touches and improve ball control with 2v2 and 4v4. These drills can be used as warm-up drills and also as competitive wash drills.

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3v3 2 Contact Drill

M1 Volleyball (Bloomington, MN) shares variations of a 3v3 2 contact drill that puts emphasis on attacking the last contact by getting feet to the ball and having an offensive mentality. This drill is a great warm-up drill to get your team competing and communicating right away.



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Reset Drill

Academy Volleyball Cleveland (Cleveland, OH) shares a 5v5 and 6v6 Drill that emphasizes resetting to base in the front row and back row. The team keeps the ball in play until they get to 10 in a row. Defenders need to work on getting to base quickly and focusing on their responsibility as a blocker and defender. After 10 in a row the attacker tries to score. Coaches can progress by adding different criteria/goals for defenders, setters and attackers.

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All Around Warm-Up Drill

Club Fusion (Batavia, IL) shares a warm-up drill that incorporates passing, setting, attacking in a serve receive situation. It can be modified for various levels and is a great drill to maximize touches and efficient use of court space.




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Team Warm-Up Tip Drill

VCNebraska (Lincoln, NE) shares a team warm-up drill that you can do without a court or a net! It's great for communication, quick movement, watching the ball and attacker.




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Ball Juggling Warm-Up

Central Jersey Volleyball Academy (East Hanover, NJ) shares a few ball juggling variations with one player ball juggling and partner ball juggling to improve ball control and hand eye coordination. These can be modified for beginner level to advanced level athletes.

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Libero Warm-Up Series

Sports Performance (Aurora, IL) shares a 15 part Libero Warm-up Partner Series to improve ball control, movement, diving, and defense.


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