Team Development and Game Management Webinars

Below are webinars that give coaches tools and resources to train a team during practice and in a game.

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Ethics and Safety, Drill Development, Practice Plan Development, Skill Development Guidelines, Skill Training Basics

This webinar is presented by JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn and shares information for coaches to plan and run an efficient and safe practice.

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Optimal Formations for Success in Youth Volleyball

This webinar describes methods to teach and train 3 contacts, progressions for training contacts and rotation options that coaches can introduce for competition. This webinar is focused on ages 12 and under.

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Offense and Defense System Options, Consideration for System Selection, Drills Designed to Train Systems

This webinar shares information on training various ways to score on and defend an opponent, and offers drills designed to effectively teach the systems to your team. This webinar is presented by Jenny Hahn, Director of the JVA.

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Examining the 5-1 and 6-2 Offense with Special Considerations for Junior Volleyball

This webinar provides detailed information on the offensive systems related to a 5-1 and 6-2 for coaches of players 12-18 pertaining to line-up, formations and strategy optimization for new to experienced coaches.

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Applying Goal Related Drills to Prepare Your Team for Competition

This webinar is presented by a panel of coaches who have found success in planning practice based around the needs of their team. Presenters share keys to identifying your team's weaknesses in order to plan your practice around the needs of your team through skill development, system training and setting process goals.

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How to Insure Your Teams Are Getting the Best Training. Discussion of the Master Coach and Coach Centered Philosophies.

This one hour webinar was presented by a panel of experienced JVA Club Directors and Coaches: Ryan Gray (Nebraska Juniors), Jason Hames (K2 Volleyball), Kathy Litzau (Milwaukee Sting) and Bob Westbrook (A5 Volleyball).

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How to Make Your Assistant Coach an Asset to Your Team

This webinar shares information on How to Make Your Assistant Coach an Asset to Your Team presented by Casey Steinbrecher, Assistant Coach at James Madison University and Anna Allison, Head Coach at Bucknell University.

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