Setting Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train setting technique for beginner to advanced level setters.

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Train Hand Position & Quickness

Premier Academy (Maumee, Ohio) shares a few drills to train foot speed, hand position and quickness and game speed decision making for intermediate to advanced setters.


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Coachless Setting Reps with a Slant Board

Munciana Volleyball Club (Muncie, Indiana) shares a setting device called a slant board that the club uses as part of their setter training. The slant board enables the setters to get unlimited reps without a coach needing to enter balls or orchestrate the drill.

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Synchronized Setting & Popcorn Drill

River City Juniors (Omaha, Nebraska) shares two setting drills they like to run to maximize footwork repetitions, improve communication and setting consistency.


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Staying Neutral, Reading the Middle Blocker & Scoring in the Corner

KIVA (Lousiville, KY) shares a variety of drills they use to train their more advanced setters.


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Setting Basics with Kathy Noth

Hand position, key words, footwork, court awareness. Drills coaches can work on to develop their setters from a young age.


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Training the Setter by Craig Skinner

Univ of Kentucky Head Coach Craig Skinner shares ways to technically train your setter's hands, movement, eye sequencing and consistency during a coaches clinic.

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Setting Progression for Beginner to Intermediate Level

Colleen Bayer, Former Assistant Coach at Univ of Georgia presents setting basics and progression for beginner to intermediate level players during an SAVL Coaches Clinic.

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2 Phase Setter Warm-Up

Lakeside Volleyball (Canada) shares a 2 phase setter warm-up with emphasis on side sets, a loaded outside step, broadening the range of movement while incorporating the same spin and load step with add on of emphasis on reloading between each contact.

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30 Minutes of Setting Drills

Training a Setter: 30 minutes of drills to train footwork, hand position, quickness and setting location presented by Keith Schunzel, Head Coach at Kennesaw State University.

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5 Setting Progression Drills

High Country Volleyball Club (Kearns, Utah) shares 5 setting progressions for training hand contact, footwork, and making plays in game like situations.

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In System and Out of System Setting

Top Flight Volleyball Club (Elgin, IL) shares a setting drill to train perfect pass jump setting and reversing the flow of the offense for intermediate to advanced setters. 

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Basic Setting Footwork Drills

Team Pineapple VBC (Fort Wayne, IN) Club Director Lloy Ball (an American volleyball player, a setter for American national team from 1993–2008) shares basic setting footwork drills to train setter quickness and muscle memory before or after practice.

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Setting an Out of System Pass

Team Pineapple VBC (Fort Wayne, IN) Club Director and former USA Men's National Team Setter Lloy Ball shares a few ways to train setters to push the set to pins and reverse the set away from the pass when the pass is far off the net.


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Basic High Rep Setting Drills

Cobb Atlanta Juniors (Marietta, Georgia) shares setting drills that include a progression for setters to maximize their reps at the wall, then with a partner, followed by in a group. The drills focus on hand draw, hand shape, hand finish, movement to the net and to the ball, awareness, and consistency.

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Moving Out of System Setting Drill

VCNebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska) shares a team drill to reinforce a quality out of system second contact and teach out of system techniques with game-like movement. There are variations of the drill to help athletes train platform and hand setting a second ball to the pin attacker.

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Basic Drills to Develop Good Setting Habits

KIVA (Louisville, KY) shares a few drills to develop good setting habits and eliminate bad ones. These are great for beginner level athletes and can be modified for more advanced athletes.


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Advanced Triangle Setting Drills

Kairos Elite Volleyball Club (Sioux Falls, SD) shares two triangle setting drills that work on movement, maximizing reps, court awareness, and consistency.

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High Rep Setting Transition Drills

Cobb Atlanta Juniors (Marietta, GA) shares 3 player run setting drills that incorporate setter transition, setting the middle on a quick pass and a dig, and defensive movement.

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