Serving Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train serving technique during your team's practice.

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Pressure Serving Drill

Premier Academy (Maumee, Ohio) shares a serving drill that works on pressure serving in a game situation.


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Serving with a Purpose

Asics Munciana shares drills to train your players to serve with a purpose in game situations.  


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Serving Progression

Kairos Elite (Sioux Falls, SD) shares a serving progression to work on the lift, the weight transfer and contact point, arm speed, and consistency.


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Serving Zones 1 and 5

Munciana Volleyball Co-Director Wes Lyon (Muncie, IN) explains the philosophy and technique behind serving zones 1 and 5. He shares one of his favorite drills to work on serving these zones during practice.

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Serving and Passing Pyramid

Virginia Elite (Alexandra, VA) shares a 3 Stage Serving/Passing Pyramid with criteria at each stage.

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