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In addition, JVA's partnership with NCSA gives JVA clubs exclusive access to the NCSA Team Edition™ platform, which has quickly become the market-leading team recruiting platform because it recognizes and supports the crucial role coaches play in the recruiting process. This free, easy-to-use software gives coaches an efficient way to monitor and guide their athletes' recruiting efforts while giving athletes much-needed education and exposure with access to Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), the world's largest and most-successful recruiting network. Every year, more than 35,000 college coaches across 34 sports use NCSA to find, evaluate and recruit athletes for their teams.

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The Smart Way for JVA Clubs, Coaches and Players to Win at College Recruiting. NCSA Team Edition™ has quickly become the market-leading team recruiting platform because it recognizes and supports the crucial role coaches play in the recruiting process.

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3 Ways Clubs Can Utilize Technology to Manage Athletes' Recruiting

Technology is everywhere. Today, we use it to order food, do our banking, connect with friends and even to skip the line at Starbucks. And, it didn't take long for it to begin altering the college recruiting process, either. Here are three ways clubs can utilize technology to manage their athletes' recruiting.

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Recruiting Legislation and Practical Application for Junior Volleyball Clubs

The NCAA Division I Council adopted new recruiting legislation on April 18, 2018. Let's begin with the proposals that have been passed, the rationale, some side notes and practical applications of the rules.

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Keys to a Successful Recruiting Program: Part 1

As a volleyball club, providing a well-executed recruiting program for athletes and families is within our wheelhouse and should be a key part of the services we offer to our clientele. The program can be adapted to a club at all levels, regardless of size and personnel. Here are the five keys to a successful recruiting program and a look at the first two in detail.

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Recruiting Club Level vs. High School

Current polls tell us that over 85% of college coaches recruit at the club level versus high school. There are legitimate reasons for the majority of collegiate recruiting in the sport of volleyball to be tied to club volleyball.

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Recruiting Generation Z

As a recruiting coordinator that works with the youth of today (GEN Z), it is imperative that I understand who they are, how they operate and what motivates and drives them. This generation is highly unique for many reasons, so let's take a look at some interesting facts about GEN Z.

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The Value of a High Level Recruiting Program

Perceived value is the worth that a product or service has in the mind of the consumer. In regards to Recruiting Programs at volleyball clubs, perceived value is currently a hot topic. Let's take a look some key components of a high-level Recruiting Program.

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Helping Boys Volleyball Players Find a Home

It's important to educate the boys players about the college options that are available for them to continue their careers beyond high school. Here's a look at the boys volleyball recruiting timeline and what college coaches are looking for in a recruitable student athlete.

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Important Recruiting Changes to Share With Your Athletes

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