Player Development Webinars

Below are webinars that provide drills, insight and ideas to develop and train the skills of volleyball.

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Tracking the Ball in Serve Receive

This webinar provides great insight on how to train athletes to have a better understanding of "tracking" the ball with their eyes in serve receive. The seminar focuses on the importance of tracking ball off server's hand to help athlete determine first movement, with a focus on forward movement and drop step. The webinar also shares several drills that help improve eye work with tracking the ball and increasing foot speed in reacting to the flight of the ball.

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Tactical Setter Training. Decision Making to Run Your Team's Offense

This webinar, presented by Cathy Noth, 1988 Olympian and Club Setters Consultant, shares how to teach hand shape, footwork, movement and overall technique to beginner and intermediate level setters.


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Train and Develop the All Around Attacker

Presenters Anne Kordes and Travis Fuller will share how to train and develop the all-around attacker from the standpoint of mindset, shot selection, decision making, and consistency. Coaches will be able to view drills that recreate game like situations and help develop the skill of attacking. This webinar will be beneficial to coaches at the U12 - U18 levels.

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