Passing Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train passing technique for beginner to advanced level players.

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4 Drills to Track the Ball in Serve Receive

KIVA (Louisville, KY) shares 4 serve receive drills they use to train their players to track the ball when passing a serve.


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Coach on a Box Passing Drills

Sports Performance (Aurora, IL) shares drills that work on movement for passing and digging the ball.



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Stick Passing Progression

Axis Elite (Hendersonville, NC) shares a passing progression where the passer holds a stick to emphasize the ball's contact on their platform and platform angles. 

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Passing Drills to Train Mechanics and Technique

Marquette Womens Volleyball Staff present during the 2014 Milwaukee Sting Coaches Clinic.


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Passing Progression for Beginner to Intermediate Level Players

Colleen Bayer, Former Assistant Coach at University of Georgia presents serveral drills to train passing technique and movement at the 2014 JVA SAVL Coaches Clinic in Lexington, SC. 

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Serve Pass Challenge

Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy (Warren, MI) shares a drill that involves pressure, communication, technique, statistics, and building a stronger serve receive game for your team using a 4 point system to break down an option pass.


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Drills to Train Good Passing Habits

KIVA (Louisville, KY) shares several drills to train footwork, platform control, and posture in order to break bad habits and form good ones.


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Passing Tree

K2 Volleyball (Knoxville, TN) shares the Passing Tree drill that trains passers to alter their platform and shoulder angle to adjust to various serves. This is a player run drill that can be adjusted with progressions for various ages and skill levels.


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3 Serve Receive Cues for Passing a Seam Ball

Milwaukee Sting VBC(Milwaukee, WI) shares 3 serve receive cues to increase communication and enforce consistency when passing serves in the seam. Coaches can introduce these cues as early as the beginner level for team's just learning serve receive and 6v6 play.

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