Officials and Score Training

Prepare your teams to keep score, track the libero and down ref at a tournament when they are the assigned work team.

Prior to your first tournament of the year, make sure all of your athletes understand the rules of officiating and scorekeeping.

  • Set up a time for every team to watch a training video.
  • Contact a local Official to run a training session with your athletes and coaches.
  • Host an intra-club scrimmage and have work teams practice the R2, bookkeeper, scorekeeper and libero tracker roles.
  • At your first tournament, make sure your head coach is with your team during the entire work assignment.

Reach out to the JVA at if you need any assistance.


Libero Control Sheet - HERE
Line-Up Sheet-  HERE
Line-Up Sheet 3 Sets Full Pool - HERE
2 Set Scoresheet with header - HERE
2 Set Scoresheet without header - HERE
Deciding Set Scoresheet with header - HERE
Deciding Set Scoresheet without header  - HERE

JVA Tournament Policies and Procedures

Scorekeeper Training

Here is a video to train your athletes to keep score during tournament play. This video is provided by AAU.

View video

R2 Training

Click below to view R2 training and responsibilities.

An R2 Training video will be available by late fall so that you can train your athletes to down ref when they are the assigned work team at a tournament.

R2 Training

JVA Officiating and Scorekeeping

The JVA/AAU is in the process of creating a video to guide your athletes on how to be an R2 and scorekeeper during tournament play. We will notify all JVA members once it is ready, it is on track for late fall.

Teaching Rotations to Beginners

Includes video to help coaches teach the overlap rule and ways to help your players understand serve receive rotations.

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Indoor Rules

Make sure your coaches and athletes know the USAV indoor rules and regulations.

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