JVA Challenge Series Requirements

Uniting the Nation's Elite Volleyball Events

  1. Host(s) must be JVA members

  2. Minimum 200 teams

  3. Minimum 2-day event

  4. 5-match guarantee for the weekend; minimum of 2 matches on Day 2

  5. Match play competition

  6. Event Staff must inform teams if there is any change to the age division they entered

  7. Rl for all matches; Rl & R2 for Gold Division semi-finals and finals

  8. USAV Rules for Domestic Competition with the following variations:
    • Age waivered players are allowed as long as they are not a year older than their peers
    • Libero is allowed to serve in one (1) rotation
    • Step-in allowed on service for 10's and 11's divisions

  9. Use of JVA scoresheets

  10. Use AES (Advanced Event Systems) for results management (no exceptions)

  11. No "Stay to Play" policies

  12. Team-entry (registration) fees and public admission fees are within regional standards

  13. Tournament Staff member assigned to upload information during event on JVA Dig-It App or JVA membership table/booth (the host can choose whether or not to use the JVA Dig It App. A one-time set up fee of $150 will apply).

  14. Include JVA logo on event webpage, event logo, event merchandise, signage, etc.

  15. JVA Insurance requirements must be followed (application and payment for insurance in a timely manner, insure that proper paperwork is collected by coaches and the "Coaches' Sign-In Form" is collected and attached to a signed copy of the roster)

  16. Prominent display of JVA banners

JVA will allocate Challenge status to tournaments based on location and dates. Our goal is to offer a network of quality events while not competing with current members' events. We will use the tournament schedule posted on the JVA web page as a guideline for member events.

For questions about the JVA Challenge Series requirements email JVA Director of Events Steve Bailey

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