Fitness and Mental Training Webinars

Below are webinars focused on developing an athletes' overall mental and physical health in order to improve volleyball performance.

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Give Your Team the Winning Edge with Mental Toughness Skills

This webinar shares information to Give Your Team the Winning Edge with Mental Toughness Skills presented by Dr. Michael Voight, Associate Professor Central Connecticut State Univ., Team Leadership Consultant

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How to Implement Strength and Performance Training for Junior Volleyball Athletes

With proper programming, strength training can build flexibility, agility, and power for young volleyball athletes on the court. Performance experts will discuss how to implement volleyball-specific training to build better volleyball athletes and reduce the chances of injury. Club Directors and Coaches will learn how to build this into their clubs for improved safety and results.

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Early Season Strategies for Developing a Unified and Mentally Strong Team

This webinar will provide practical applications and exercises for clubs to develop a growth mindset for their athletes and coaches, train mentality while training physical skills, utilize the DISC tool for communication with athletes and parents, and foster greater team dynamics.

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Test, Train and Assess the Vertical Jump for Volleyball Performance

This webinar was presented by Daniel Martinez an expert on vertical jump and physical preparation for speed and power sports. Daniel explains the science and technique behind improving how players land and jump, and shares exercises/stretegy for coaches to implement.

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Build Your Team's Mental Toughness

Does your team struggle with confidence? Do they play down to the level of their competition? How Does Your Team Handle Adversity? Need Some Mental Toughness to Finish Strong? This webinar is presented by Sports Psychologist Dr. Rob Bell.

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Concussions: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Athletes Safe

This webinar is presented by Katie Varnado with ATI Physical Therapy Director of Sports Medicine. Katie shares information to help volleyball clubs and coaches recognize, treat and prevent a concussion in their gym.

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Eye Training and its Correlation to Your Athletes' Performance

This webinar, presented by Nabile Mardini, Club Director and Lead Coach of Los Angeles Volleyball Academy, shares information to help coaches teach players to read the game.

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On the Other Side of Fear: 4 Ways to Build Confidence

This webinar discusses conquering your fears and gaining or improving your mental toughness. Presenter Dr. Rob Bell is a sports psychologist and author of "No Fear A Simple Guide to Mental Toughness" and "The Hinge".

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Coaching Muscle Memory: The Science and Art of Skill Development

This webinar features presenter Tony Duckwall, former Athletic Performance Director at KIVA Volleyball, Co Owner EDGE Sports Performance. Former Collegiate Volleyball, Basketball and Baseball Speed and Strength Coach.

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