Facility, Programs and Events Webinars

Below are webinars that give Club Directors and Facility Operators education and resources to manage their facility, schedule a variety of programs and host events.

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Can I Justify a Volleyball Facility?

This webinar explains How to Tap Into the CDC's 504 Loan Program to Help you Build a Facility.

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Maximize Your Club's Valuable Court Time

This webinar discusses how to best utilize the court space that you have available from a business and financial standpoint.

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Operating a Volleyball Facility. Tips from Seasoned Owners on how to Maximize your Profits and Minimize your Expenses

We Own/Lease Our Own Facility. How Do We Keep it Open? Tips from Seasoned Owners on how to Maximize your Profits and Minimize your Expenses

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Grow the Game with a U5 - U10 Youth Club

This webinar was presented by Brad Van Dam, Youth Director for Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Club.

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Facility Ownership: What Works and What Doesn't: Successes and Mistakes to Avoid

This webinar is presented by two experienced JVA Club Directors: John Brannon (Carolina Union VBC) and Jodi Schramm (Premier Volleyball Academy) who discuss their journeys opening a new volleyball facility and their experience the first couple years.

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How to Control your Own Tournaments on your Own Terms from Planning to Completion

This webinar is presented by the JVA Staff along with Corey Helle, Club Director of Upward Stars and member of the SAVL Power League, and provides club and tournament directors with the tools and insight to run a successful event, while also collaborating with other clubs. From opening registration to the last ball dropped, and everything in between, the JVA Staff has the answers you’ll need to make your event a success.

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