Defense Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train defensive team systems, movement and effort during practice.

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Dig Set Cover Drill

The Academy Hoosierland (Bloomington, IN) shares a drill that trains defense, setting and cover ball for in system and out of system setting. There are variations of the drill for beginner to elite level training.

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Variations of Player Run Dig Set Switch

Sports Performance Volleyball shares the Dig Set Drill. This drill can be modified for different levels and focuses on the first and second contact to allow for a successful attack.

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5 Defensive Drills to Train Top Level Defense

Mike Lingenfelter, Co-Director of Munciana and Head Coach of the Samurai, defending 18 Open National Champions shares 5 drills to train defensive movement, pursuit, strength and toughness.

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4 Blocking Drills

Elite Sports Ohio (Uniontown, Ohio) shares 4 blocking drills to train core strength, fast efficient movement, independent hand movement, fast and strong hand penetration, body control and spacial awareness.

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4 Part Blocking Progression

Kairos Elite (Sioux Falls, SD) shares a 4 part blocking progression to train swing blocking to an intermediate to an advanced level team.

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