Defense Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train defensive team systems, movement and effort during practice.

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Back Row Transition Defense

Magnum Volleyball (Lexington, SC) shares a defensive drill for intermediate to advanced players to train back row defenders to read the block and position themselves where they are most probable to dig the ball.

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Defense to Offense Transition

Indy Juniors (Indianapolis, Indiana) shares an intermediate to advanced level defensive transition drill to work on setter defense, outside attacking out of system, and middle transition on an in system ball. This drill can be run with only one coach.

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Training Proper Eye Sequencing

K2 Volleyball Club (Knoxville, TN) shares their eyework series, a progression of drills to train proper eye sequencing. The drills can be used to train younger 11s and 12s teams as well as 16s and 18s.

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Controlled Read

Kairos Elite (Sioux Falls, SD) shares a drill called Controlled Read to help train players to watch the other side of the net on defense and to improve communication. Variations and progressions of the drill are shared.

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Cross Court Dig Set

Ethos Volleyball (Nashville, TN) shares a cross court competitive drill to help players hit cross court with power and work on back row attacking and train all players to play front and back row. Dig set variations are shared to work on players delivering a hittable 2nd ball to the attacker.

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Pressing Hands Over Net on the Block

Axis Elite Volleyball Academy (Simpsonville, SC) shares a coaching tool and progression to help players press their hands over the net when blocking.


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5 Drills to Maximize Court Space

Club Fusion (Batavia, IL) shares 5 drills to run an effective practice while maximizing court space. The master coach plan also maximizes the touches for all players and incorporates scrimmage play and game like situations.

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Defensive Pursuit and Quickness

Adrenaline Volleyball Academy (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) shares two defensive drills to train eye sequence and foot step quickness with relentless pursuit on defense.


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Base Release Scoring Drill

Magnum Volleyball Club shares a player run scoring drill to work on base release defense in left back and right back, as well as 2 person passing.



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Player Run Dig Set

Chicago Elite (Chicago, IL) shares a 3 man and 6 man player run dig set drill for beginner to intermediate level players, and can be modified for advanced players.


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Shadow Drill by John Cook

John Cook, Head Coach of the University of Nebraska Women's Volleyball Team and 2015 NCAA Div I National Champion. His team shows The Shadow Drill used to work on defensive position against an outside, middle, opposite and back row attack, followed by offensive transition to attack.

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Coach on a Box

Sports Performance shares drills that work on movement for passing and digging the ball.



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Defense Pepper Pickle Drill

AVA of Texas shares the Defense Pepper Pickle Drill that works on back row defense, setting, and attacking.


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3 Player Cone Drill

Munciana Volleyball Club Co-Director Wes Lyon shares a defensive drill to work on movement, getting behind the ball, freezing the platform to targer and then complete a dig with a floor move.

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Texas 2 Touch

The Academy Volleyball Club (Indianapolis, IN) shares a defensive effort drill to train back court players to pursue the ball and play it over the net.

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Swing Blocking Progression

Kairos Elite Volleyball (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) shares a progression for training swing blocking for intermediate to advanced level players.

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