Coach and Player Management

Below are webinars that give Club Director guidance and resources to manage club personnel and communicate effectively with parents.

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Parents. From Problems to Assets

This webinar discusses how to develop a positive relationship between your club and the parents of your junior players.

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Feedback- The Importance of Non-verbal Communication

This webinar includes education on coaching Feedback and helping coaches understand what they are REALLY saying with their non-verbal communication to players and parents.

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The Club/Parent/Player Triad

This webinar shares ways to keep parents, players, coaches and club directors on the same page during the club volleyball season in relation to expectations, culture and performance.

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Using the Evaluation Process to Develop Your Club Staff

Participants will learn evaluation techniques to insure your staff is meeting expectations, identify potential problem areas and develop a plan for continued improvement.

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Create a Winning Culture of Un-Entitlement From the Club Level to College and into Life

This webinar is presented by Russ Rose, Penn State Women's Volleyball Head Coach, and Mike Lingenfelter, Co-Director of Munciana Volleyball Club.

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