Coach to Coach Videos

JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week Presented by NetLynx Sports features favorite drills from JVA volleyball members across the country.

Xcel Volleyball Performance (Hendersonville, NC) shares a beginner out of system setting drill to give players a lot of reps setting the pin attackers in an out of system situation.

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Drills by Skill

Passing Drills

Discover new drills to train passing technique, movement and team systems.

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Setting Drills

Find ways to get your setters additional repetitions and train their footwork, hand speed and location.

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Attacking Drills

Watch new ways to train players to approach to the ball, attack certain shots, and transition quickly.

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Serving Drills

Learn new drills to incorporate serving into your next practice.

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Beginner Drills

Teach young players to love the game while learning movement, communication, technique and team play.

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Ball Control Drills

Find drills designed to improve your team's ball control in order to stay in system during matches.

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Wash Drills

Enhance your team's competitive edge with offensive and defensive team drills.

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Defense Drills

Improve defensive quickness, court coverage, reading the game and court awareness with these individual player and team defensive drills.

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Warm Up Drills

Implement drills to get your team engaged, communicating and ready to compete in the beginning of practice.

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Beach Passing and Setting Drills

Give your beach players plenty of touches and training to help them stay in system when passing and setting.

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Beach Attacking Drills

Enhance your beach players' approach, shot selection and transition to attack in order to effectively side-out and score.

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Beach Defense Drills

Teach your players how to efficiently read the attacker, cover the entire court, and pursue the ball on defense.

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Share Your Coach to Coach Video in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Pick Your Favorite Drill: The drill can be designed for any juniors age (10-18) and any level.
  2. Record in horizontal view if using a smart phone.
  3. Start with a short introduction that includes your name/club name, the name of the drill, and what skill(s) the drill is intended to train. Make sure you are no more than 5 feet from the recording device so the sound quality is strong.
  4. Film the drill taking place. The best angle is from the end line or one of the back corners on the same side of the net. Video length preferred is 2-4 minutes.
  5. Share the video one of two ways: 1) Upload the edited video* with audio onto YouTube. In the video settings, make sure the video is "unlisted", rather than Public or Private. Then email the YouTube link to  or 2) Send the video to using Google Drive.

*We will add the JVA intro and can edit your video if needed*

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