Club Management: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources

Below are webinars that give Club Director guidance and resources to run their club like a business. Accounting, finance, business planning, and human resources are important parts of running a youth sports club.

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Business Basics, Risk Management Issues, Coach Recruitment & Training, Marketing Your Programs

This webinar is presented by Jenny Hahn and Linda Patterson. It discusses club philosophy, mission and values, as well as an overview of potential business structures and governments for your club. In addition, it reviews the employment and marketing aspects of running your club.

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Tackling Business/Club Formation, Coach Issues, Parent Issues & Club Philosophy

This webinar features a Club Director Round Table where the Club Directors discuss Tackling Business/Club Formation, Coach Issues, Parent Issues & Club Philosophy.

Building a Satellite Club

How to build a satellite club, increase your club membership and club resources.

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The Safe and Secure Way to Hire and Fire Club Staff

Participants will learn what questions are legal and illegal to ask during an interview, how to find out if a prospective hire will fit into your club culture during an interview, and how to manage a problem employee, in terms of what to document and how to handle the exit process.

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QuickBooks: An Accounting System for Volleyball Clubs

This webinar will show you how to organize and manage your finances to be more profitable, have the ability to make financial decisions based on data instead of a gut feeling and hope, and comply with government tax regulations. Tim and Shawn will help streamline your record keeping. You will sleep better at night knowing your business is more professional and more efficient.

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Strategic Planning: How to Formulate and Execute a Plan that will Drive Sustainable Growth and Revenue for your Club

This one hour webinar is presented by Tony Lasita: Co-Founder of Cinpak, Inc., Klouder LLC, and ROK Fantasy Sports and Juan Gonzalez: Co-founder of Gazelles Growth Institute.

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Run Your Volleyball Club Like a Business

This webinar provides actionable takeaways on how you should be running bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and club dues management. All of these will help you understand what is going on with your business and position you for success (not to mention making the process of dealing with banks and investors easier).

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Using the Evaluation Process to Develop Your Club Staff

Participants will learn evaluation techniques to insure your staff is meeting expectations, identify potential problem areas and develop a plan for continued improvement.

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