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Realistic Expectations in the Recruiting Process

Today's club volleyball world has grown to proportions which are staggering. Who knew 25 years ago that there would be clubs sponsoring 75+ teams, entire convention centers packed wall to wall with courts and hundreds of college coaches descending upon these events to recruit?

With the professionalism of club volleyball and the amount of money families pay to participate, there can be certain spoken or unspoken expectations of the coach's role. Read more.

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Find the Best College Match

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Realistic Expectations in the Recruiting Process

It is important for high school players wanting to play at the collegiate level to have realistic expectations of what level they can play. Only one percent of high school volleyball players will go on to play NCAA Division I college volleyball. If a player does not have realistic expectations the recruiting process might pass by and the student athlete could miss out on a chance to find the right fit.

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Does Changing Clubs for a 1's Team Affect Your Recruiting Process?

As High School seasons start to wind down across the country, the excitement and buzz of the club season is all around us. In turn, the age old question from athletes (at least those competing in club volleyball) returns. Does changing clubs in order to play for a 1's team have an affect on a player's recruiting process?

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How to Stay Proactive When Your Recruiting Process Slows Down

The late summer and early fall can be a slower time for recruiting by the collegiate programs. College coaches are in their competitive season, focused on the success of their team and they are managing a thousand details during the early part of the season. While recruiting is always on the minds of coaches, it is not at the forefront now. Here are some ways you can stay pro-active and engaged in your recruiting process.

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How Early is Too Early for a College Commitment?

As illustrated by a recent espnW article, early recruiting in women's sports is not limited to volleyball. For a variety of reasons, the recruiting cycle now begins as early as Junior High, and this trend will most likely continue until rules and regulations are adjusted for NCAA Division I volleyball programs, which is where the majority of early recruiting is noted. Many collegiate volleyball coaches are offering and receiving scholarship commitments from players who have yet to spend one day in high school.

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