Boys Volleyball

Below are resources and education for boys junior volleyball athletes, coaches and directors.

Let's continue to grow boys volleyball from the grassroots level, and provide opportunities for boys to grow up loving the sport of volleyball. Every year more opportunities become available for boys to continue playing at the collegiate level. The JVA is dedicated to providing resources to JVA clubs to start, grow and maintain a boys program.

Recruiting Timeline for Boys

There are many opportunities available for boys volleyball athletes to continue their careers beyond high school. Here's a look at the boys volleyball recruiting timeline and what college coaches are looking for in a recruitable student athlete.

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Boys Volleyball Calendar

Here is a boys program calendar and ideas to keep boys volleyball athletes playing all year round. This is a great resource if you want to start or grow a boys program. The program can begin with just a handful of boys, one coach and the opportunity to play.

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Boys Watch List

The JVA Boys Watch List recognizes the top JVA boys athletes for outstanding achievement on the volleyball court. Nominate your athlete(s) for this award.

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Boys Events

As a member benefit, JVA clubs can list the boys volleyball events hosted by your club by completing the Event Posting Form. The event can be insured by USAV, AAU, JVA or other. Browse the long list of events and find one near you.

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How to Generate Interest in Boy Volleyball

Here is advice for boys coaches to train male athletes to become more mentally and technically sound, to increase their volleyball IQ, and to use more than just their physical strength to dominate. 

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9 Ways to Elevate Boys in Volleyball in Your Club

When Carolina Union Volleyball Club first started its boys program the coaches had no idea what to expect, however these nine keys helped the growth of the program, as well as boys volleyball in the area.

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College Opportunities for Men's Volleyball

There are several different factors to consider in order to find your best college fit—and level of athletic competition is just one of them. Let's take a look at the opportunities for boys to play volleyball at the varsity collegiate level.

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