What's On a JVA Club Director's Plate in July?

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Most indoor junior volleyball clubs are running camps in July or taking a little time off after the long season. However, beach clubs are still training and competing. WAVE Volleyball Executive Director Matt Olson shares what his beach staff and players are up to this month.

WAVE Beach Volleyball Club in Del Mar, California (north of San Diego) is about to conclude it's 4th year of exclusively offering beach volleyball. The club offers 12 months a year of beach training and currently has 250 active members of the club. 

Last week WAVE teams competed in the BVCA National Championships and the AAU National Championships the week before. The club is hosting summer camps for a few more weeks and then launching it's fall program the week of August 29th.

WAVE Volleyball Club is a member of the JVA. To learn more about a JVA membership and how it can benefit you and your club, click here. For more resources and education for JVA Club Director's click here.


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