Utilizing a Multi-Colored Net Tape to Train Volleyball

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Premier Volleyball Associate Club Director Chad Rutkowski explains the multi-colored net tape and how it is used for training the club's many players 18 and under.

For Premier, the net tapes stay on the nets most of the time, but can be taken on and off easily. The colors are one meter apart and are the same on both sides. For the past couple years, Premier has used the net tape to train the following:

  • Location for First Contact - The orange color is used to guide the passers where to put the first contact for the setter. Premier calls this zone 6.

  • Offensive Plays - Each color represents a different set. Some examples are:
    • Grey is the high outside set: Premier calls this zone 1
    • Red is the high back set: Premier calls this zone 9
    • Yellow is the 31 set to the middle: Premier calls this a B

  • Base Blocking and Defense
    • Pinch blocking starting position vs Spread blocking starting position
    • Team defense - use color codes to guide defenders on where to be on defense

  • Serving
    • Zone serving : Zone 1 serve to the back right corner would go through alley of grey, purple and teal. Zone 5 serve to back left corner would go through alley of black, yellow and red.

The colors can also be used with youth volleyball players as you introduce them to the game with simple passing/setting drills. Players can set along the net and the colors are great visuals for playrs to set from orange to grey.

Premier Academy (Maumee, Ohio) is a member club of the JVA. To learn more about a JVA membership, click here. For more educational resources for junior volleyball coaches, click here.


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