Yes, It's Okay to Wait in Recruiting

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I say the 'W' word and the silence on the other end of the line is deafening. What?? You want me to do what? Wait? How can that be when thousands (slight exaggeration here) of athletes in my class are committing all around me?

Waiting is defined as the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens. What happened to believing that 'patience is a virtue' or 'good things come to those who wait' and 'patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting'.

One of my favorites is from Fulton J. Sheen...

Patience is power.
Patience is not an absence of action
rather it is "timing"
it waits on the right time to act,
for the right principles and in the right way."

We live in a time where 'waiting' seems like the least virtuous thing we should be doing. We want everything now! We want the right offer, the right location, the right coaching staff, the right level of program and on and on, and we want it now! When it comes to the recruiting process, waiting is not a popular thing to do with this generation of student athletes. They can find out who has committed five minutes ago and who will be committing in 5 minutes and convince themselves there is 'nothing' left out there! That all the good opportunities are gone and they will never make it to the school that they long to commit to.

Patience is POWER! If the athlete has the courage to 'wait' and to drown out the 'noise' of it's got to be now, then success will come. Patience does not mean you do nothing, it means you are waiting on the right 'timing' and opportunity, and as you wait – you investigate. College recruiting needs change on a consistent basis and if you rush to commit to a school because they offered you and you feel you are running out of time, it will surely not be based on the 'right principles' and it surely is not the 'right way'.

Over the past six months I have been working with an athlete that has strong potential to play at a high level. She is a natural athlete, determined, has an arm like a cannon and excels academically. In the area of academics, she has lofty long-term goals that are definitely achievable and is committed to attending a college that will offer her the best of both! Many college coaches have recognized her talent and offers are plenty. She could pick up the phone right now and call a number of schools and make the decision to commit.

But here is the thing, they are not the right fit based upon her goals and that is okay!

She is humbled by the offers, is thankful and knows that she is passing up opportunities that other athletes would jump at. She has taken the courageous step to say 'no' to some excellent schools and programs and has chosen to waitto wait on the 'right time to act' and the right opportunity for her. She is making her decisions based upon the right' principles and it will ultimately lead her to the 'right fit because she has chosen to do it the right way'. I am proud of her willingness to 'wait'.

In closing, I have been in awe by the Olympic athletes and what they are achieving on a daily basis. What I am most intrigued with are their stories and the countless testimonies they share about 'waiting' for their turn, 'waiting' to be selected to be part of an Olympic team, not knowing when it was going to be their turn.

I have been blown away by what Michael Phelps has been able to overcome and achieve. I listened to him say the following quote numerous times and I want all of the athletes that are involved in the recruiting process and working hard to achieve their goals, to remember what he said.

And one of those things might just be, WAITING!

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About the Author

Patty Costlow is the Recruiting Coordinator for Munciana Volleyball, a long time JVA member club located in Muncie, Indiana.


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