From the JVA Office: No Tricks Just Treats

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Let's be honest, nobody wants to be tricked. But everyone undeniably craves the Treats. As a society we have become accustomed to turning a blind eye at the trick because we absolutely can't wait for the Treat. 30 day trials, money back guarantees, zero money down, short term deals with a long term commitment. The tricks can often times leave us, well... a bit deflated, so much that we are not able to enjoy the Treat. Junior volleyball, although fun and innocent in many ways, can have it's share of tricks. Here is a case where there are no tricks, just Treats.

Seeing is believing, a common phrase used by sports fans, the business world, and even coaches. In other words, to believe it, you need to see it. Transparency and clearness is something the JVA takes very seriously. In fact, it is one of the 5 guiding principles that shape the JVA mission.

As a non-profit organization committed to improving the junior volleyball experience for clubs, coaches and players, the JVA makes sure to be transparent in the following ways:

  • Financial Statement. Every year, the JVA shares its financial statement at the JVA Annual Meeting and in direct communication with its members
  • Open Elections by the JVA membership for the majority of the board.
  • Open bid process for JVA contracts. 
  • Developing member committees for more feedback to the JVA from all areas of the country. Communication between the JVA leadership/staff and JVA members is an open door with weekly member updates and opportunities for JVA members to get involved.

Now let's get to the Treats, because after all, that's the best part. 

Support System Providing Options and a Valuable Network
With all of the hard work you put into running your club, sometimes you may feel like the weight of the world is bearing down. It is comforting and valuable to have a voice within the club volleyball world, and the JVA provides that opportunity to our members, in addition to a direct network of directors across the country. Your opinion matters, and knowing you have options to run your club allows you to not be pigeonholed into the same routine each year without change.

Money Back to Clubs
Running a club is expensive and the smallest things add up. Even a little bit of monetary support could go a long way, including paying for athletes that cannot afford to play club volleyball, or affording safe and reliable equipment for training. Up to $200,000 each season goes back to JVA member clubs through the JVA Sponsorship Program. This program gives support back to your club for all the hard work that you put in, and is our way of saying 'Thank You.' 

Growing Your Club with Lower Costs and Higher Profit
Hosting events
brings a lot of hassle with it, and as a club director or coach you want to get the most out of the work you put in. Running a JVA insured event allows the host clubs to have a greater profit, while receiving support through marketing and low cost insurance. One of the biggest pros to running your event as a JVA insured tournament is the event is all-inclusive. Whether teams are AAU, USAV, or JVA insured, all teams are welcome to play and will be insured  without having a membership. JVA tournament insurance is much lower this year in order to help cut costs. JVA  also offers Club Directors the opportunity for free marketing by listing events, regardless of the sanction and insurance, on the JVA website, and including events in regional e-blasts.

Club Awards and Numerous Discounts from JVA partners and events round out the top Treats that leave JVA clubs wondering why they didn't join JVA sooner. The JVA's #1 prirority is the welfare of your club, your coaches and your players, and the list of Treats grows each year. There are no tricks.

This Halloween season, we hope you find ways to take advantage of the many Treats JVA has to offer. If you run into any tricks while running your club, make sure you look to the JVA to find the Treats you deserve.

The Junior Volleyball Association is the only national association that is 100% focused on junior volleyball and the needs of junior clubs. The JVA's mission to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events has led the JVA to a decade of positive change, influence and growth for junior volleyball. #BetheChangewithJVA

About the Authors

Briana Schunzel is the Director of Marketing for the Junior Volleyball Association since 2011. When she is not busy promoting all facets of the JVA, collaborating with JVA partners, and planning the next marketing campaign she enjoys running a youth volleyball program, providing setter training, and volunteer coaching for the Kennesaw State Women's Volleyball program. She resides in Marietta, Georgia with her husband, Keith, and 3 year old son Griffin.

Lisa Pierce is the Director of Membership Development and Services for the JVA since December 2013. Our members are always interacting with Lisa in one way or another as she pours her passion for servicing our members into all aspects of her role at the JVA. She resides in Darien, Illinois with her husband Jake and enjoys coaching at the club level.


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