From the JVA Office: An Invitation to Be the Change

Are You Up for the Challenge?

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"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be." –John Wooden

It is the month of August, and the life of a junior volleyball club director has geared up, or for some it never stopped. You are sitting in your office, looking at your 12 Month Club Director Timeline, and cannot believe club season preparation has already begun... but have you even given yourself a chance to reflect on last season?

What did you do well?
What did you do poorly?
What did you not do/say that you wish you did?

We at the JVA receive a countless number of emails and phone calls each season about a number of issues:

  1. "We have limitations being set forth by governing bodies."
    Not allowed to host events on certain weekends, can only play in certain events, costs are too high...?
    BE THE CHANGE. Know your rights for open market. Our sole focus is to create more opportunities for junior athletes, and if that means belonging to different organizations for different benefits, that is what you need to do. It is your business, so take action. An organization cannot eliminate or reduce the economic choices available to member clubs and as such, clubs are allowed to offer and participate in tournaments that are not sanctioned by one organization that they are affiliated with.

    BE THE CHANGE. If you speak out, you will find many other clubs in your area ready to take action with you! On the court you may be direct competitors, but at the end of the day, you need each other to survive. By supporting each other's events you can create a Power League or series of tournaments that result in less travel, lower costs and matched competition. Together we can BE THE CHANGE and help your club join together with other clubs to make it happen.

  2. "We are having parent/coaching issues."
    Parents and coaches may challenge the rules you put in place if you do not stand by them and communicate them effectively.

    BE THE CHANGE. Create an organized club structure and positive culture for your members. Find, train and retain great coaches for your club. Hold a parent and coaches meeting with a handbook to fall back on when certain problems arise. If it is not being followed, consequences happen. Make sure you are present more in the gym this year, as you may catch issues before they grow. 

  3. "We need some guidance on business planning/club structure."
    Running a volleyball club is like operating a business. It involves paperwork, planning, accounting, contracts, a facility, budgeting and more. Do you have a structure in place to manage your club? Are you having a hard time juggling all of the responsibilities?

    You have resources right at the click of a mouse. The JVA organization is filled with club directors ready and willing to share their knowledge with you. We are a network of club directors ready and willing to help new clubs get off the ground and established clubs grow even stronger. We have a countless number of resources to help your business, and if it is something specific, we can get it for you! 

There are many other issues that you address as club directors and coaches, and if you need help with finding the solutions, please reach out to us. The JVA staff is here to improve the youth and junior volleyball experience for you, your club and your members.

Do not sit back and let another season go by where you are faced with the same challenges and frustrations. This is the year you make decisions for your business that allow it to grow and prosper, as it should.

Accept the challenge and do not be held back... #BeTheChangeWithJVA

If you are not yet a JVA member and would like the resources to help grow your business, join now!

About the Author

Lisa Wielebnicki is the Member Development & Services Coordinator for the JVA. Lisa joined the JVA Staff in December 2013, with a solid volleyball background at all levels: former Division I Collegiate Athlete, former Division I collegiate coach, former Head Club Coach, and Assistant Club Coach.


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