June - NCAA Volleyball Recruiting Update

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June - NCAA Volleyball Recruiting UpdateBrought to you by NCSA Athletic Recruiting and the Junior Volleyball Association

With recent changes in NCAA recruiting contact rules, the month of June has become important for families managing the Volleyball recruiting process.

Information that every Volleyball family and Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) needs to know:

· Starting June 15th before a PSA's Junior Year, a NCAA Division II program -

o May begin sending letters and emails.o Can begin making unlimited telephone calls and sending text messages.o May have off campus contact with a PSA and family.

· Starting June 15th after a PSA's Junior Year, a NCAA Division II program -

o Can provide an Official Visit.o A PSA may tryout on campus.

· For NCAA Division III -

o Letters and emails may be sent at any time.o No limit on number of calls or when they can be made.o Off campus contact after a PSA's Junior Year.o Official visits may occur after the 1st day of PSA's Senior Year. · For NCAA Division I -

o A questionnaire and camp brochure may be sent at any time.o A PSA may make an Unofficial Visit at anytime (except during a Dead Period).o Starting September 1st of the Junior Year, letters and emails can be sent to a PSA.o Starting July 1st after a PSA's Junior Year, once a week telephone calls and off campus contact is allowed.o Official visits may occur after the 1st day of a PSA's Senior Year.

Understanding the various NCAA rules and how they apply to each division, is a critical component of managing the college Volleyball recruiting process.

NCSA has partnered with the Junior Volleyball Association to provide recruiting education and support - To enjoy your Free Recruiting Profile and start connecting with college coaches, click HERE!

For more junior volleyball recruiting education, click here.


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