Jinx Takes Houston by Storm

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It's Championship Eve...

Are you Ready?

Tell grandma, tell your neighbor, cousins, everybody - they can watch the Gold Medal matches tomorrow! Register for access to live webstreaming with the Volleyball Network. It's FREE!The schedule and results are available in the JVA Dig It App. Click here to download the app.

Besides the whistles, cheering, and sights on a championship, the Reliant Center was filled with something else...


Dig Pink Day at the JVA World Challenge brought out more than just pink; teams came together to support cancer research and raise awareness for breast cancer. Pearland Juniors 12 Maroon raised over $1,400 in one week and were honored as the highest donation of the event and also earned Team of the Day. More than 20 other teams joined the cause and each donated $100 or more for the Side-Out Foundation Dig Pink campaign, in addition to making hospital cards for patients at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston and showing off plenty of pink! Some of our favorite photos tell it all...

This dad is showing off his pink polished pinky nail with a jewel embellishment - proud to wear PINK!

Now THIS is how you get yer hair did for DIG PINK DAY!



Jinx got his exercise today as he made sure to say hi to each and every player, coach and fan. He even had time to talk shop with legendary coaches such as Mick Haley, Head Coach for USC, Russ Rose with Penn State and Jerritt Elliott from the Texas Longhorns. Some players are taking Jinx home with them, that is, if he survives Championship Day! (Jinx bobbleheads were awarded to players for various contests throughout the day) So what else did teams do while they were soaking up the fun at the #JVAWC? Making a music video, of course! The Volleyball Network and Rox Volleyball are preparing a fun treat for everyone participating in the JVA World Challenge and some teams got to show off their dance moves. These players from Alliance 14 Mizuno were having so much fun, their dads decided to join in!

We hope everyone had an amazing time today and we wish all teams lots of fun tomorrow! Play hard and enjoy every minute. Follow the JVA on Twitter and Like us on FaceBook for the latest updates, contests, and re-cap of the matches.

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