Houston... We've Landed!

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The JVA World Challenge Presented by Rox Volleyball is more than just a volleyball tournament; it's an event for the entire family. Teams travel from near and far, from our neighbors to the north and south, and the goal is for everyone to have a memorable experience and love every minute. So we've tried to capture the highlights of the day and share what's to come tomorrow!

Consider this the cliff notes version of the #JVAWC.

The Volleyball Network is interviewing coaches, players and volleyball fanatics all weekend long in the JVA/VBN Social Media Area near courts 27 and 31 (near the trampolines and bouncy house - can't miss it!)

Championship Matches will be web-casted live so family and friends can watch at home and you will be able to view the match later too. Click here to sign up for free.

This year we are featuring a NEW and FUN way for participants to get in on the action off the court with the Scavenger Hunt and the NEW and IMPROVED JVA DIG IT APP - FREE DOWNLOAD! Congratulations to the clubs who had the most downloads of the app:Texas Coastal, Skyline, Asics KIVA, Juggernaut and San Antonio Elite - each club received their own room at the Reliant Center and t-shirts for all their teams.Anyone who completes the Scavenger Hunt gets a free t-shirt AND gets entered into a raffle to take home a large flat screen TV or lifetime membership to the Volleyball Network! All you need to know about the tournament, junior volleyball and Houston in the palm of your hand. Plus more Contests and Coupons from local restaurants and vendors are in the JVA Dig It App. Click here to download the app.Get your Scavenger Hunt Checklist at the JVA/VBN Social Media Area.

Q. Who's the handsome jaguar struttin' around? A. That's Jinx, the newest member of the JVA!Q. How do I get one of the t-shirts with Jinx on it?A. Follow the contests on the JVA Dig It App and the JVA World Challenge FaceBook page. Teams have won shirts for submitting creative photos in the App, participating in the Rox Dance Contests and tweeting photos with Jinx t name a few.

Jinx knows no fear.

He received his Verified ID with NCSA.

And then... he turned into a dare devil and showed off his jumping skills on the trampoline...

Fort Bend Fire showed Jinx a thing or two about trampolining...

Y'all shared your Kodak Moments with Jinx

So What's to Come Tomorrow?

Saturday, April 5th

  • It's Dig Pink Day! The JVA World Challenge is a tour stop on the Dig Pink Tour and the Side-Out Foundation has various ways you can get involved and make a difference:
    • Every team that raises $100 for Side-Out will be entered into a raffle at the Side-Out booth to win Team of the Day on Sunday, April 5th. The winning team will receive a grand prize from a vendor at the tournament!
  • Create a Card for a Patient at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston and every team that makes a card for the Hospital Cards Project will be entered into a raffle at the Side-Out booth. The winning team will receive t-shirts!
  • F.A.S.T. Collegiate Invite all day long in Hall E. Watch top D1 Collegiate Programs compete - view list of teams and more information here.

Looking forward to another day at the JVA World Challenge! Thanks for making this day memorable!For more information on the Junior Volleyball Association click here.Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter Have a great night y'all!


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