Beach Setting Basics

Improve your beach setting game this season

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Stein Metzger just led UCLA to its first beach volleyball national title in school history. When he is not busy winning collegiate championships, Stein wears another hat as Club Director of Los Angeles Beach Volleyball Club, which is also founded. The JVA Club Director shares beach setting basics to increase your partner stock level this summer.

Ball Repetitions on Your Own:

  1. Elbows at 90 degrees with hands at your mouth
  2. Toss to your self and catch the ball with wrists back
  3. Start low and push slow while fully extending arms so ball leaves your hands 1-2 feet
  4. Add legs and toss to self, unload legs and arms in the same rhythm so hips, knees, and elbows all extend at the same time

Getting Your Feet to the Ball:

  1. Take the pressure off the passer by becoming better at moving to any pass along the net and setting
  2. Toss to yourself and make lateral two-step movements and setting the ball straight up
  3. Progress to tossing farther and making your two steps larger
  4. If the ball is farther away you may have to add a cross-over step to get to the ball

Los Angeles Beach Volleyball Club is a member of the JVA, and also a JVA Beach Sponsor Club. For related beach education click HERE.


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