Al Scates - His Mentors and Volleyball Coaching Philosophies

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By Andor Gyulai, owner

I have been around volleyball, sports and coaching long enough to know that no great coach figured it out alone. Usually they have mentors and people that step into their lives at times that influence and inspire them to greatness. Al Scates is no different. He retired after 50 years as the UCLA volleyball coach and is acknowledged as the greatest and most successful college volleyball coach in history with 19 NCAA titles.

In addition, he won two championships before an NCAA championship existed making for a total of twenty one titles and three undefeated seasons. Add to this nearly 1,200 wins in fifty years of coaching all at UCLA. These numbers simply cannot be matched in volleyball history. Himself an All-American player at UCLA, he has coached many of the game's greatest players including Karch Kiraly, Doug Partie, Kent Steffes, Sinjin Smith, Stein Metzger and Jeff Nygaard to name just a few. Current coaches that have come from his program include, Hall of Famers Doug Beal, Andy Banachowski, three time NCAA champion men's head coach John Speraw, and 2011 NCAA women's championship coach Mike Sealy, to name just a few.

So who were Al Scates' mentors? The video below answers that question, as Scates discusses the people that influenced him and made him one of the greatest volleyball coaches in history. In one part of this video he talks about his mentoring relationship with the Wizard from Westwood - John Wooden, one of sport's greatest coaches. This video also includes some advice from Scates on being a good coach and his tips to consider for connecting with your athletes and making practice enjoyable everyday!

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