2017 JVA Sponsor Clubs Announced

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From it's inception in 2006, the JVA has always been a member driven association focused on the prosperity of its members, along with the goal of unifying clubs. Without the support and success of our members, the JVA would not be where we are today, a thriving association about to reach 900 clubs nationwide, doubling the number of JVA run events, and growing our education and resources exponentially. The JVA Sponsorship Program is our way of saying "thank you" for the support, and for the third year in a row the JVA is giving a substantial amount of money back to our members. 

The Junior Volleyball Association is giving $150,000 back to its member clubs through the JVA Sponsorship Program. 48 JVA member clubs from around the country are receiving a check from JVA this season as a reward for promoting the JVA brand, supporting the JVA mission, and growing JVA at the regional and national level. 

Since its formation in 2006, the JVA has been committed to improving the junior volleyball experience for the players and families, uniting junior volleyball club directors to lobby for improvement and better representation at the regional and national level, and developing the grassroots movement for indoor and beach volleyball to bring more players to the sport at a younger ages.

"The JVA Board of Directors and Staff are so happy that we are able to offer the JVA Sponsorship Program to our members again. It is a win-win for JVA and the clubs. We reap the benefit of more educational resources to share and promotion of the JVA brand. The participating clubs receive a cash donation to help off-set their expenses. We are looking forward to another successful year for JVA members" shares JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn.

Among the participants under the JVA Sponsor Program, 525 are junior beach athletes and there are over 1,400 indoor junior volleyball teams, all of whom will be sporting the JVA logo on their uniforms this season.

The clubs listed below applied and were selected for the JVA Sponsorship Program based on their ability to meet sponsor level criteria, their length of membership and support of JVA, and their past contributions to JVA educational resources.

692 Beach (TX)
692 West (CA)
Academy Volleyball Cleveland (OH)
Alliance Volleyball Club (TN)
Asics KIVA (KY)
Atlanta Performance (GA)
Axis Elite Volleyball Academy (SC)
Carolina Union Volleyball Club (NC)
Central Illinois Elite (IL)
Central Region United Volleyball Club (WA)
Chicago Elite Volleyball (IL)
Club Fusion, Inc (IL)
Club Tonka (MN)
Eastside Volleyball Club (IL)
Elite Sports Ohio (OH)
Empowered Volleyball Academy (IN)
Ethos Volleyball Club (TN)
G2 Volleyball Club (IL)
High Country Junior Volleyball (UT)
Hoosierland Volleyball Club (IN)
Husky Volleyball (CT)
Illini Elite Volleyball Club (IL)
Indy Juniors VBC (IN)
K2 Volleyball (TN)
Kairos Elite (SD)
Magnum Volleyball Club (SC)
Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy (MI)
Mizuno Sports Performance (IL)
MN Select VBC (MN)
Munciana Volleyball Club (IN)
Next Level Volleyball Club (WI)
Pentagon Volleyball Club (SD)
Piedmont Volleyball Club (NC)
Premier Academy (OH)
Southern Performance (AL)
St. Louis Crossfire Elite Volleyball Club (MO)
Summit Volleyball (IN)
Tamarack Beach Volleyball Club (CA)
The Academy Volleyball Club (IN)
VCNebraska (NE)
Virginia Elite Volleyball (VA)
Washington Volleyball Academy (WA)
West Kentucky Volleyball Club (KY)
Wisconsin PoWer (WI)
Xcel Volleyball Peformance (NC)
Zenith Volleyball Academy (OH)

Applications for the 2017-2018 season will begin September 2017. For more information about the JVA Sponsorship Program click here.


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