Beach Drills

These resources are recommended for the Junior Volleyball Beach Club Directors and Coaches, and shared by the JVA Beach Committee

Looking for beach drills to run at your next practice? Here are drills to help you train your players in passing, setting, attacking, defense and serving.

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Serve Receive Triangle Passing

P=Passer, S1=Starting Setting position, S2=Transition setting position, T=Target 

Can be run on both sides of the net if you have more than 8 kids per court. 

Skills to reinforce: pass straight in front. Setter releases a ball, which is called for by a passer. Setter sets straight up in front. Notice that the triangle is tight. Not wide.

Reminder for when it is windy. Keep the ball in the air for less time. Work also on passing with your forearm and with your hands high.

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