Beach Warm-Up and Ball Control Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to use in the beginning of practice to get their players ready to train and improve ball control skills on the beach.

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Beach Dynamic Warm-Up

Scott Stover (692 Beach, Dallas, TX) shares the movements his players perform in their dynamic warm-up before every practice.


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Beach Warm-Up Drills

Scott Stover (692 Beach, Dallas, TX) shares a series of warm-up drills he runs in the beginning of practice to maximize touches on the ball and improve ball control.


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Warm-Up Square Drill

Beach Nation Co-Founder and Florida State Head Women's Beach Coach Brooke Niles shares a warm-up drill to improve movement, footwork and delivering a successful second contact. This drill can also be applied to the indoor game.


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See Ya! Drill

Beach Nation Coach and MB Sand Director Patty Dodd shares a drill that emphasizes the importance of the first contact, the pass or the serve with some competition. Players keep their individual score and can score points by making a good pass or by forcing a bad pass. The coach is the judge. Players get engaged, compete for points while practicing these two very important skills, passing and serving.

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Beach Double Rep Warm Up

LA Beach Volleyball Club (Los Angeles, CA) shares a warm-up drill that works on ball control, footwork and facing the target when setting the attacker. The drill can be easily modified with progressions and variations.

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