Beach Passing and Setting Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train passing and setting technique for beginner to advanced level beach players.

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Butterfly Drill for Passing and Setting

Next Level Beach Volleyball Club (Cincinnati, OH) shares 2 player run drills to improve passing and setting and allow for players to get a lot of touches on the ball.

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Staying in System

During a 692 West hosted clinic, Jeff Alzina, volunteer coach for Long Beach State beach volleyball and a private instructor for over 600 beach professionals, including 35 Olympians shares how to pass and set in system in beach volleyball.

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Passing Stance and Stepping

Rob Long, Director of Ohio Valley Beach teaches beach stance, posture and stepping for beginners.


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Passing Movement and Spacing

Ohio Valley Beach shares key words and basic drills to work on passing movement and spacing between passer and setter.


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Blocker Setting the Attacker

Dane Selznick shares a drill to train the blocker turning and setting the attacker in transition.

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Beach Passing Basics

Empowered Sports Club (Fort Wayne, IN) shares passing movement and progression drills for training passing in the beach and indoor.

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Basic Beach Passing Movement

Top Flight Volleyball (Elgin, IL) shares a couple basic ways to train beginners how to move and pass in the sand.

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