Beach Defense Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train defense for beginner to advanced level beach players.

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Posture and Pursuit

Rob Long, Director of Ohio Valley Beach shares how to teach beach posture and pursue for beginners.



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Stance, Stepping and Pursuit

Rob Long, Director of Ohio Valley Beach shares how to teach stance, stepping and defensive pursuit in all four corners for players who are more intermediate.



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3 Drills to Improve Digging the Ball

692 Beach (Dallas, TX) shares 3 drills to improve digging in beach volleyball.



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Pulling Into the Short Angle to Defend a Cut Shot

Tamarack Beach VBC (Carlsbad, CA) shares a drill to train pulling into the short angle to defend a cut shot rather than block, and the other defender defends a high line shot. The defenders transition to play the ball out.

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Reading the Game

Dane Selznick (Santa Monica Beach VBC) shares a beach drill that helps the defense read the block, forcing the sharper angle hit and moving into the impact zone. This drill can also be simulated with an indoor team to work on blocking, defending and transition from defense to offense.

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Beach Blocking Basics

Ohio Valley Beach (Cincinnati, OH) shares blocking technique and strategy based on the level of competition and the team you are competing against.



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Blocking vs Pulling off the Net

Jeff Alzina and 692 West share how to decide whether to pull off the net or block the attacker and the strategy behind where to pull off so that you and your partner are covering the court.


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Blocking Footwork and Peeling from Net

692 Beach (Dallas, TX) shares a drill used to train blocking footwork when peeling off the net, and playing out an attack transition play.


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Block Base Defense

Ohio Valley Beach (Cincinnati, OH) shares strategy, body position and movement for block base defense.

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Always Alert

Empowered Pro Beach Juniors (Fort Wayne, IN) shares a 4 phase progression that trains athletes stay alert for a ball that is sent over on one or two contacts.

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