Beach Attacking Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train attacking technique for beginner to advanced level beach players.

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Introducing the 2 Step Attacking Approach

Wisconsin Juniors Beach (Milwaukee, WI) shares a drill they use to train beginner beach players to plant the feet correctly, use the arms to get lift, and jump and finish with a throw or arm swing motion.

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Beach Attacking Transition Combo Drills

692 Beach (Dallas, TX) shares drills to improve player movement on the court, delivering an attackable second ball and attacking different shots. These drills are ideal for smaller groups, and can also be applied to your indoor teams to work on transition to attack and cover balls. 

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Beach Shot Selection and Attack Progression

Ohio Valley Beach (Cincinnati, Ohio) shares an attacking progression they do at the beginning of every practice to work on muscle memory, shot selection and attacking a live set.


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Mastering the High Line Shot

Here are ways to train the high line shot in beach volleyball with just you and the ball presented by the Volleyball Network.



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Transition Offense

692 Beach (San Diego, CA) shares a drill that progresses and works on transition offense and the blockers footwork to set the ball to an attacker.


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Hustle Pass to Attack Angle

692 Beach Volleyball San Diego (San Diego, CA) shares a player run drill that trains passing a short or deep ball then transitioning to attack angle. This drill can be used as a warm-up drill, block training, or competitive drill.

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5 Shirt Drill

TMP Beach Volleyball (Rogers, MN) shares a drill that trains attacking various shots by having players self toss attack to hit a target on the court. This drill can be run as a warm-up or an attacking drill.

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