Ball Control Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train ball control during your team's practice.

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Woman in the Box Drill

A5 shares the Woman in the Box Drill. This drill can be modified for all levels and helps players develop better ball control, passing, setting and bettering out of system balls to set up an attack.

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Serve Pass Cover Drill

Dead Frog Far Out Volleyball Club shares some drills they do in the beginning part of practice to work on passing, serving, covering, setting and communication.

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X Drill

Hoosierland VBC (Bloomington, IN) shares the X drill to improve communication, teamwork, ball control and form.


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Ball Control Progression

Kairos Elite (Sioux Falls, SD) shares a ball control progression drill that works on all aspects of the game and improves communication and court awareness while getting players maximum repetitions.

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Drills to Train the All Around Player

Beavers Volleyball Club in Japan is known as one of the top junior clubs in Japan. This video shares many of the drills they use to train the all-around player.


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3 on 2 Ball Control Drill

Minnesota Select (Maple Grove, MN) shares a 3 on 2 contact ball control drill with variations for cooperative and competitive situations.


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Ball Control Series Over the Net

CIE VBC (Peoria, IL) shares a warm up drill that works on ball control, setting and attacking with transition. This drill can be modified for all levels and is a great way to get your players a lot of touches on the ball in the beginning of practice.

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4 Part Pepper Series

Washington Volleyball Academy shares Marcelo's Joker Pepper Series with 4 progressions to make the attackers more aggressive when hitting at defenders, adding extra thinking for the players and challenging them, and making sure there is always a ball ready to keep the drill going.

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15 in a Row Defensive Ball Control Drill

Stanford women's volleyball coach John Dunning takes his team through a ball control drill to improve backrow defense, second ball setting and attacking with out a jump.

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Team Triangle Drill

Central Illinois Elite Volleyball (Peoria, IL) shares a player run team setting drill they use for warm up that allows every player to be on the court getting passing, setting and attacking repetitions.

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Base Release Movement

Pentagon Juniors (Sioux Falls, SD) shares a team defensive drill that focuses on training defenders to watch the opponent's pass, then the setter and release quickly to their defensive position.

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2 v 1 Ball Control Drill

Dunes Volleyball Club (La Porte, IN) shares a ball control warm-up with a group of 3 players and a net. The warm-up has 3 progressions and helps train all-around athletes who can dig, set and attack.

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