JVA Above and Beyond

This award honors outstanding service and contributions to the JVA. The JVA would not be where it is today without the passion, vision and dedication of our members who are the heart and soul of our organization. At the JVA Annual Shin Dig in December during the AVCA Annual Convention the JVA acknowledges one individual with JVA Above and Beyond Award. Recipients of this award do not need to be present to receive their award. 

All JVA Above and Beyond honorees are current JVA members. The individual must be currently active in junior club volleyball. The individual does not have to have served with the same club for the duration of their service to be eligible for a level of service award.

This award is voted on internally among the JVA staff every year.

Joseph Ziegler

Associate Director
Virginia Elite

2015 Honoree

Z's contributions to JVA's education have been instrumental in launching JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week, JVA Club Connection, and numerous JVA videos and webinars shared with JVA members." He shared his expertise in integrating technology into the club environment as a solo JVA webinar presenter, and also presented a session on Socia lMedia and Technology at the AVCA Convention on behalf of the JVA. His enthusiasm and excitement for education and collaboration are contagious and the JVA staff is so thankful for his time and energy to go above and beyond for the betterment of our organization.

Scott Stover

692 Beach
Dallas, Texas

2018 Honoree

Scott started 692 Beach with only 4 players in the first season, and grew to 40 in the second year, and has had consistent growth by delivering an outstanding service to the junior beach community in Dallas, Texas. Since joining the JVA 4 years ago, he has been consistently going Above and Beyond by contributing to JVA Member Education, sharing videos and feedback with the education committee, collaborating on events, presenting webinars or classroom AND court sessions at the AVCA Convention on behalf of the JVA. He is doing a phenomenal job of growing the beach game in his home state of Texas and we are thankful he is a member of the JVA.

Jodi Schramm

Owner and Director
Premier Academy

2017 Honoree

Jodi has been an active member of the JVA since its inception in 2007. We're thankful to have her forward thinking leadership and expertise shared with our staff and members through her generous contribution to JVA education and resources. Through numerous JVA webinar presentations, articles, videos, templates, emails and meetings she has been able to share valuable information to guide JVA club directors to run successful businesses. Jodi has never met a challenge she could not conquer and we are so thankful for her support and contribution to the JVA.

Sherry Fadool

President and Executive Director
Triangle Volleyball Club

2016 Honoree

Sherry joined the JVA Board in December 2015. She has been engaged and passionate about the goals and progress of the JVA and finds ways to engage with the staff, as well as the members. Outside of her service on the JVA Board, Sherry has provided countless educational resources, presented at the AVCA Convention on behalf of the JVA and has also presented JVA webinars focused on business, marketing, ethics and culture. We thank Sherry for all of her contributions to the JVA.

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