Attacking Drills

Below are drills designed for junior volleyball coaches to train attacking technique for beginner to advanced level attackers.

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Attacking Progression

Milwaukee Sting shares their attacking progression to develop arm swing and footwork on the approach.


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Middle Attacker Spacing From Setter

Milwaukee Sting shares a tool used for training middle attacker spacing from the setter.


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3 on 3 Attacking Transition Drill

Illini Elite Volleyball Club (Bloomington, IL) shares an attacking transition drill that focuses on team offensive efficiency, competition, and transitioning from defense to offense at game speed.

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Life or Death Drill

AVC (Cleveland, OH) shares the Life or Death drill where teams compete to 8 points and score by jumping and attacking or jumping and blocking. Variations of the drill are explained.


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Middle Attacker Footwork in Serve Receive

The Academy Volleyball Club (Indianapolis, IN) shares drills to train middle attacking footwork to attack a ball in serve receive.

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Pursue to Attack Drill

Xcel Volleyball Club (Hendersonville, NC) shares the Pursue to Attack drill that works on running down the ball, communication and a successful transition to attack.

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Ball vs Line Attacking Drill

Ethos Volleyball Club (Nashville, TN) shares 2 attacking drills: self toss hitting to focus on deep, fast armswing and take-off point, and a competitive serve/pass/set/attack drill called Ball vs Line.

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Arm Swing Series to Increase Power

Empowered Volleyball Academy (Fort Wayne, IN) shares an arm swing series for increasing power in a player's arm swing.

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Coach on 6 Transition Drill

Variations of coach on 6 emphasize covering, transitioning and communication, middles being available and the setter setting away from where the ball was covered. This drill is for intermediate to advanced level teams.

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Outside Attacker Transition Footwork

Academy Volleyball Club (Indianapolis, IN) shares transition footwork patters for outside attackers to help players quickly get ready to attack the 3rd contact. Footwork is broken down without a ball, with a ball entered by the coach, and creating a 6v6 wash drill scenario during practice.

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Attacking Drill for Master Training

Club Fusion Batavia (Batavia, IL) shares a drill to work on attacking outside and right side against a block. It can accomodate 18-24 players on one court and can be easily adapted to any age and skill level.


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Transition Attacking Footwork

Sports Performance shares an attacking footwork drill for 4 step, 3 step and 2 step footwork with transition.



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3 v 3 Cross Court

Kennesaw State Head Coach Keith Schunzel shares a 3v3 cross court drill to train ball control, attacking and can also be turned into a competition.



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4v4 Shift

VCNebraska (Lincoln, NE) shares a 4v4 drill that trains out of system setting, reading the attacker and defensive movement. The goal is to dig the ball off the net so the back row players set the front row players. The attackers hit cross court and the defenders adjust to dig that attacker.

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Chaos Drill

St. Louis Crossfire (St. Louis, MO) shares the Chaos drill that trains out of system attacking when the setter digs the ball. There are 3 parts to the drill that prepares players for 3 different scenarios so the play ends in an attack.


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Scoring in Defensive Transition

Leaside Volleyball Club (Toronto, Canada) shares a progressive drill to train your attackers and team to score in transition off of a dig.



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Attacking Footwork to Adjust to a Variety of Sets

Empowered Volleyball Academy (Fort Wayne, IN) shares a video that includes a progression series to help attackers adjust their footwork to various sets on the outside, right side and back row. The progressions also help attackers transition off the net and work on their jumping and landing mechanics.

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Pass to Attack Variations

Tennessee Performance (Franklin, TN) shares a few attacking drills to train pass to attack game like situations. The drills can be applied to players 11U-18U with multiple variations and progressions.


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Hitter Training with a Bosu Ball

Matchbox Volleyball Club (Aberdeen, SD) shares a drill to train attackers to make minor adjustments in the air and use their core by training on a bosu ball.



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Attacking Drills to Develop Good Attacking Habits

KIVA (Louisville, KY) shares several drills to train attacking footwork, timing, hand contact and motion in order to break bad habits and form good ones.


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