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Our mission is to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. #BeJVAUnited

As the ONLY national association that is 100% focused on junior volleyball and the needs of junior clubs we know that we are BETTER TOGETHER. If your club is experiencing a challenge, that is an invitation to change.  Let's JOIN TOGETHER to be the change.

From Our Members

  • "High Country Volleyball would love to thank JVA and its leadership for the amazing support and opportunities. The JVA has made possible with its grant and assist the ability for High Country Volleyball to give financial assistance to 25 players who otherwise would not have been able to participate. Thank you so much JVA, we could not have continued our work in the right to PLAY regardless of ability to PAY without you."

    Kim Norman

    High Country Volleyball Club Director - Kearns, Utah

  • "Everything I would need as a youth program director is right there in JVA's resource library. It's so organized and much easier to get around than any other site I've been on!"

    Will Stein

    Tidewater Volleyball Association - Virginia Beach, VA

  • "JVA has been great to us and we are so grateful for all the support. We love being with an organization that is well-run and cares about the kids (and us directors). Can’t wait to help this organization grow."

    Troy Helton

    Ethos Volleyball Club - Nashville, TN

  • "On behalf of Leaside Volleyball Club, we want to thank you for the sponsorship money that went towards the travel expenses for our girls. They were provided with the opportunities to come to US tournaments and be scouted."

    Melvin Lowe

    Leaside Volleyball Club Director - Toronto

  • "We have appreciated the sponsorship and partnership with the JVA over the past couple of years. That sponsorship money allowed us to expand our program to include more functional strength training and had a huge impact on reducing our injury count! We appreciate the JVA and all you do for the game of volleyball, and we enjoy partnering with you in the videos, webcasts, and articles."

    John Brannon

    Carolina Union Club Director - Charlotte, NC

  • "We love how quick you guys get back with us. One of the reasons we kept our tournament with you again this year. We are so thankful we found out about JVA."

    Wendy Holderfield

    Club Director NASA Volleyball

  • "Overall, this is the first time I have been to this tournament and I am loving the JVA more and more. They are very well-run tournaments and the people there are extra nice."

    Blake Rawlins

    Top Select Recruiting Coordinator - Orlando, FL

  • We joined the JVA to continue in best practice. As a club we are committed to continuing education for our coaches as they train and develop junior level athletes. We love the tips and selections of new drills and daily informative content that the JVA provides to help with our growth and success in these goals. It almost always applies to one or more areas of business or sport. We hope to connect more with other clubs and directors and unify in this sport we all love! We are excited and honored to be a part of the JVA and everything it stands for.

    Gini Williams

    So Cal Spitfires Co-Director - San Clemente, CA

Why JVA?

We are JVA

We are the leaders and forward thinkers in Junior Volleyball Programs and we are a voice for junior clubs - your programs and your needs. Our number one goal is to help your club programs and events thrive. All JVA profits go back into member resources and benefits.

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Your JVA membership includes membership to the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and all their benefits. Endless benefits for Club Directors and Coaches. What are you waiting for?

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Guiding Principles

We stand by 5 important points:

  1. Member Driven
  2. Player Welfare
  3. Affordability and Financial Responsibility
  4. Transparency
  5. Best Practices

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JVA's Member Code of Conduct and Ethics


Junior Volleyball Association, Inc., is a nonprofit association whose mission is to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events. It is our desire that all member clubs agree to the following JVA Guiding Principals and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics as stated below.


Member Driven
Player Welfare
Affordability and Financial Responsibility
Best Practices


We will conduct our business affairs in the best interest of the association and our sport. We will comply with the laws governing our business without exception. Where there is any doubt, we will follow our fundamental sense of right and wrong.

We compete fairly and honestly. We do not engage in unethical, anti-competitive or illegal business practices. We will deal fairly and transparently with our customers, suppliers, competitors and agents. We will strive to serve as role model for other clubs, JVA and our sport.

We strive to provide equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Derogatory comments based on racial or ethnic characteristics, unwelcome sexual advances and similar behaviors are prohibited. The diversity of our directors, employees, independent contractors, volunteers and others are tremendous assets to our association and our sport.


We strive to provide a safe and healthful work, training and competition environment by following safety and health rules and practices. We do not permit violence or threatening behavior. We will insure that all directors, employees, independent contractors, volunteers and others have a current record of a clear background screen on file with JVA, AAU, or USAV.


The good name and reputation of our association and all our member clubs depend, to a very large extent, upon each club taking personal responsibility for maintaining and adhering to the guidelines set forth in this Code. Your business conduct and your personal conduct must be guided by the guidelines set for in this Code with a focus of always doing the right thing.

Board Approved 09.2017

What is JVA's Due Process Guidelines

As a requirement of membership, JVA members agree to the JVA Guiding Principals and Code of Conduct.

A member who violates the JVA Club Code of Conduct may have their membership revoked by a 2/3's vote of the board of directors. The member will be notified via email within 48 hours; followed up by written notification via USPS mail tracking. The notice must include the decision, rationale for the decision and a description of the appeal process.

The member has the right to appeal as long as such appeal is made in writing and received within 30 days of the receipt of the original notification of membership revocation.

The written appeal will be made to JVA Board Secretary whom will Chair the Appeal Committee. Upon receipt of the appeal, the Board President will appoint two other active JVA members to serve on the committee. The committee will convene in person or via teleconference within fourteen days to review the Board's decision. The committee will afford the suspended member the opportunity to give written or verbal testimony. The Chair of the Appeal Committee will notify the member of the decision within 7 days of the appeal meeting. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

Board approved 09.2017

What is JVA's Social Media Policy?

The JVA recognizes the importance of the Internet in shaping public thinking about our organization and our current and potential services. We also recognize the importance of our employees joining in and helping shape industry conversation and direction through interaction in social media. The JVA is committed to supporting honest, transparent, and knowledgeable dialogue on the Internet through social media.

Shared values that we live by as an organization and as individuals:

LEADERSHIP: The courage to shape a better future;
COLLABORATION: Leveraging our collective genius;
INTEGRITY: Being real;
ACCOUNTABILITY: Recognizing that if it is to be, it's up to me;
PASSION: Showing commitment in heart and mind;
DIVERSITY: Being as inclusive as our brands; and
QUALITY: Ensuring what we do, we do well.

These Online Social Media Principles are intended to outline how these values should be demonstrated in the online social media space and to guide your participation in this area, both when you are participating personally, as well as when you are acting on behalf of the Organization.

What are the goals of the JVA?

UNITE By joining together, junior club directors can develop an organized group of small business leaders to lobby for improvement and better representation at the regional and national level. This type of effort will allow all clubs, both large and small, to be working partners with their regional and national leadership. The JVA feels strongly that since the junior community is the overwhelming source of funding for both the regional and national organizations, it should have a fair voice in the governance of those organizations. As partners, the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) recognizes and supports the effort to bring all of the key organizations in the sport together. By forming a unified front the junior community can help lead the way in the development, promotion and marketing of our sport.

DEVELOP The JVA is committed to expanding the grassroots movement for volleyball to bring more players to the sport at the younger levels. While Volleyball might be popular at the High School level it has been far outpaced by sports such as soccer and softball at the Junior High and Grade School level. To reverse this trend we will be working with the AVCA and USA Volleyball to develop a training and competition model that will encourage widespread participation at the youth level (ages 8-12). This is a key area to address if the sport of Volleyball hopes to see significant growth in the years to come.

IMPROVE The JVA is committed to addressing 2 areas that we strongly feel have a negative impact on our sport:

(1) The sky rocketing costs of participation in junior volleyball. While club dues have steadily risen over the past two decades we feel those costs are manageable, but the cost of travel has exploded. It is now common place for travel costs to make up the vast majority of a player's membership fees during a club season. The JVA feels that a solution can be reached that can begin to curtail the escalating expense of junior volleyball and make the sport more inclusive. If this can be done then the sport will be much more appealing to a large section of the youth market that currently cannot afford to be involved.

(2) The current length of the junior season. In the past two decades the junior season has been extended approximately three weeks and now goes into the second week of July. The agreement is almost universal that the season is too long and the length of the season is contributing to several issues that have a negative impact on the sport. Those issues are less participation at the youth level, more injuries at all levels and an overuse factor for those players that must go directly from their club teams to the USA High Performance programs or their collegiate program. Many of the elite level collegiate coaches have been saying for years that many incoming freshman are entering college with overuse and chronic injuries that will plague them for most or all of their collegiate careers.

Who are the founding clubs of the JVA?

The founding clubs of JVA included:
1st Alliance, IL Dunes, MI Michigan Elite, MI SPVB, IL
A5, GA Illini Elite, IL Milw. Sting, WI TCA, CA
Carolina Jrs., NC Juggernaut, CO Munciana, IN
Team Z, OH Celtic Force, IL KIVA, KY NE VB Assoc., NE
TAV, TX Club Fusion, IL Lions, IL Premier, OH
Texas Tornados, TX Colorado Jrs., CO Minnesota Juniors, MN
Renaissance, PA Vision, CA Dayton Jrs., OH M1, MN
Sky High, IL Willowbrook, TX

What is the relationship between JVA and AAU?

JVA has partnered with AAU for our mid-year championship and the AAU National Championships. The events will require membership with AAU. In return, the JVA mid-year championship will be insured by AAU, the top two teams in each division will be given free entry into the AAU National Championships and AAU will host a mid-year meeting for JVA in Orlando.

When was the JVA founded?

October 2006
The JVA was formed when a concerned group of club directors met in Chicago to discuss the long term direction of junior volleyball. The directors, junior club athletes, and their families faced a governing body that offered their primary financial supporters a disproportionate voice in decision making, rapidly inflating costs, (especially for top teams to qualify to compete in the Open Division of the USAV Junior National Championships), and a season that offered athletes few off-season days. The group decided to form the JVDA (Junior Volleyball Directors Assoc.) as a lobby group to work for better conditions for juniors in USAV.

Out of that meeting, the Junior Volleyball Directors Association was formed. The mission of the new association was to represent, communicate and lobby for the development, growth and marketing of all levels of youth and junior volleyball.


• To be Accountable to all Constituents 

• To Promote Simplification of All Systems 

• To Promote Youth and Junior Development 

• To Promote Affordability/Representation 

• To Protect participants of the organization 

• To Promote Education for Coaches and Players 

• To Promote Inclusiveness & Affordability & Embrace all levels

It very soon became apparent that there was a need for an independent junior volleyball club association that would be responsive to all clubs, of all affiliations. The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) approached JVDA. The missions of the two organizations are very similar and a partnership was formed. JVDA had no staff, only a volunteer board. AVCA became the managing partner, responsible to administer the operations of the new association. Members were granted a dual membership, adding value to the association.

In the summer of 2009, JVDA leaders met for their first strategic planning session. The new association was growing rapidly. We needed more clarity of our mission and a full time Executive Director. Our new and current mission is to promote the growth of youth and junior volleyball through program and resource development, education and events.

Our Guiding Principals: Best Practices Affordability and Financial Responsibility Player Welfare Transparency Member Driven To reflect our growing membership of all adults involved in junior volleyball clubs, we officially changed our name to "Junior Volleyball Association" and created a new more youthful logo to reflect the change.

In 2015, to be more efficient and provide better service for our members, we took all our operations in house from AVCA. Both organizations value the dual memberships and we retained that partnership through today.

Why should I share this information with other club directors in my area?

The simple answer is so that your club directors will become better business owners by joining the network of those who share their interests, passion for the game, and challenges. Other reasons:

  • To increase our numbers so as to be a more powerful voice for junior volleyball
  • To be able to run for and vote for the leadership of the association
  • To influence the agenda of the JVA
  • To share the "best practices" of your region with others and to learn "best practices" from other regions.
  • To have an avenue for sharing the concerns of club directors with the Junior Elite Representative on the new USA Volleyball Board of Directors
  • To have an avenue to bring Junior Volleyball concerns to the AVCA Board of Directors
  • To be part of the AVCA community which encompasses college, high school, grassroots and international level coaches
Who sets the agenda for the JVA?

The JVA Board of Directors is elected from their membership with a one club, one vote format. The JVA Board will determine the overall strategy for the association, manage the financial resources and programming needs specific to juniors and advise the AVCA staff and board of directors on how to best serve the constituency and increase the membership.

What is the relationship with the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA)?

JVA is a partner association of the AVCA (American Volleyball Coaches Association). The advantage of this relationship is that JVA membership includes AVCA membership for all full members and gives full access to AVCA educational services and programs.

  • Volleyball products and supplies discounts available through developed partnerships with AVCA Corporate Partners, Preferred Providers and event sponsors.
  • The only volleyball technical journal, Coaching Volleyball, and drills bulletin, Volleyball Ace Power Tips, available in the United States.
  • Networking opportunities with collegiate coaches and extensive information on college recruiting rules, program rankings, scholarship opportunities for players and job vacancies for coaches.
  • A website full of drills, practice ideas, and motivational materials.
  • An opportunity for collective lobbying with governing organizations (NCAA, USAV, NFHS) on issues important to the development of the sport.
  • Registration discounts for the AVCA Convention
What is the Junior Volleyball Association?

The JVA is an association of Junior Club Directors and Coaches who are dedicated to all facets of junior volleyball and have a desire to offer the best programming possible to their members. JVA is a trade association established to serve those who dedicate themselves to a part or full time commitment to junior volleyball. To that end, JVA provides:

  • Information on best practices in club ownership, facility management, and methods to enhance your business acumen and effectiveness.
  • A lobbying group to influence USA Volleyball and other organizations that manage, regulate and influence the junior volleyball community
  • A source of information and coaching education specific to junior volleyball/club needs.
  • An avenue to access club directors for companies interested in investing in the junior volleyball marketplace.
  • An association that will build relationships and community within junior volleyball by linking club directors across regions, philosophy and club size.
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