JVA Testimonials


"We love how quick you guys get back with us. One of the reasons we kept our tournament with you again this year.
We are so thankful we found out about JVA."
- Wendy Holderfield, NASA Volleyball

"You guys really move fast!  Thank you so much.  It is so outstanding to work with progressive and action-driven people like yourselves."
- Byron Rausenberger, JVA Partner

"Thank you for all you guys (JVA Staff) have done and the speed that it was done in.  Customer Service is still alive and well in some areas of society.  Looking forward to being a part of the tournament for this season and seasons to come."

Danny Davis, Club Director

"High Country Volleyball would love to thank JVA and its leadership for the amazing support and opportunities.  The JVA has made possible with its grant and assist the ability for High Country Volleyball to give financial assistance to 25 players who otherwise would not have been able to participate.  The insurance program has also created for HIC the opportunity to provide low cost school programming for volleyball.

Thank you so much JVA, we could not have continued our work in the right to PLAY regardless of ability to PAY without you."

Kim Norman

"Awesome! I Love out of the Box thinking, planning, & preparing for game like situations. Thanks so much!"

Paul Bradfield on a JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week

"I just wanted to let you know that our teams, coaches and parents had a great time at the tournament.  This was our first time to attend and we will be back again next year.
Thanks for all your hard work."

Doug Mace
Central Ohio Volleyball Club

"I do not know if I mentioned this to you, but the World Challenge was by far the best well organized and most talented tournament we have been too. Excellent Job!! Thank you so much."

Maria Hardwick  Power Volleyball Academy

"Great tournament by the way and we appreciate your time and effort in putting on such a great event."

Jeff Juenger, Southwest Illinois

"Thanks to you and your team for hosting a great event this weekend.  I know it takes alot of hard work!  TEAM INDIANA teams had a great time (especially singing the National Anthem on Saturday morning)...again it was nice meeting you!"

Patty Costlow, TEAM INDIANA

"Overall, my association with the JVA organization was great and first class.  You should be proud about how the organization is changing youth volleyball for the better...

The tournament was everything you said and more.  If I had to reduce the description of the tournament to one word, it would be “Classy”.  I had not been to the AAU’s in seven years and it was very interesting to see how the tournament evolved over the years.  I especially appreciated the two quality, adult referees for each of our matches...

Refereeing was outstanding and having two made the tournament a very pleasurable experience for the coaches.  In my opinion, this was the biggest differentiator between the AAU’s and other year-end tournaments.

Again, thank you very much for inviting us to the AAU’s.  We appreciated the opportunity to compete in the tournament.  Our overall experience with the JVA tournaments this year was great and look forward to another exciting year."

Scott Smith
Illinois Performance Volleyball

"I really like your events...I have always had total respect for you and all your staff
and hope the traditions will continue for a long long time Lord willing !!!!

 JVA Fan Mark " Treeboy of Cocoa Beach "

"Thank you! I really want to listen to as many webinars as possible; however, the times for me are difficult. Thank you so much for having this information (webinar recordings and PowerPoint) available for us!"

Laurie Flores, MN Volleyball Headquarters

 "I just wanted to say what a great event you guys put on this weekend. I also want to thank you specifically for your patience and willingness to help us get everything together. IVA is looking forward to growing our relationship with the JVA and it's membership. Thanks again for a great event!"

Steve Hawthorne
Indiana Volleyball Academy
Tournament Director

"Thanks for your help last night! I look forward to JVA's assistance in helping me grow in my knowledge of the sport I have never been able to get out of my system.  I hope you have a great day. Thanks for making all of this so easy!"

Shannon Ayers  Fatchmo Volley

"Thank YOU!  :)  Our kids and coaches loved JVA!  It's definitely something we hope to attend next year.  :)"

Carrie Baehr
Operations Coordinator, Xtreme Volleyball

"You all are on it! Thank you for all the support, you all do a great job."

Matt Linebarger, Savannah Volleyball

"Thanks for including us in this years event Jenny; I know the Blaze girls and coaches had a great time! Keep us in mind for next years event"

Andy, Burlington Blaze VBC

"We had a great time.  It was definitely one of the best run events I've been to in a long time.
We look forward to many more JVA events in the coming seasons.
Thanks for your responsiveness."

Dan Pfieffer  Club Director, Pursuit Volleyball

"Thanks for your efforts and work on a great event for the sport. Our teams enjoyed the experience as well."

Joe Steenhuysen

"Hi Jenny,
Just wanted you to know your  housing people are doing a great job. 
I got a call back from Victor within a few minutes of sending the JVA housing a message and have already been in contact with Madison who has provided me with information."

Sharan Bornhorn
NKYVC Administrative Assistant

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