The JVA requires that member junior volleyball clubs adhere to our “Background Screening Policy”.   Our policy requires that all individuals, 18 years of age or older, that are involved in any capacity with a club will be screened annually. Proof is USAV or AAU membership is accepted.

The cost of screening is $12.  Click here to order your background screen through Protect Youth Sports, our screening vendor.  The Applicant and the Executive Director of JVA will be notified via email of the screening results.  

The screening will include:
Social Security Verification to verify the applicant’s name with the social security number provided.  This is to eliminate the possibility of false names and other information.
Address Trace to verify the applicant’s current address and identifies former addresses.  This will help identify the jurisdiction in which the screening is conducted.
Check through the National Background Directory which provides access to criminal data from 44 states.
Search of Sex Offender Registry to identify individuals with a record of sexual offenses