JVA Tournament Insurance allows teams of any national affiliation (USAV, AAU or non-affiliated) to participate in your events.  JVA insurance is only available to clubs who have a JVA Club Director membership.

Indoor Tournament Insurance:
$12/team/1 day event
$20/team/2 day event
$28/team/3 day event
$70/team/multi-weekend league


Sand/Beach Tournament Insurance:
$4/doubles team/1 day event
$8/doubles team/2 or 3 day event
Click here for more beach insurance information.

Tournament Insurance includes coverage for referees and event staff.  The insurance cost for each of your teams should be included in the entry fee. Since you will only need to insure those teams that are not JVA insured club teams, you, the Tournament Director, need to discount or refund the portion of the entry fee for those teams equal to the amount of insurance. You will need to estimate the number of teams that will participate in the tournament.  Underestimate the number of teams.

It is really important to apply for insurance well in advance of the event.  Due to the large volume of last minutes requests, we are adding a $50 fee to expedite applications that are filed less than two weeks prior to the start of your season or your event.

Certificates of Insurance

Once your payment is made, your Certificates of Insurance will be sent to the name on the form request within 48 business hours.  If you file your application on a Thursday or Friday, you may not get the certificates until the following Monday.

During the week prior to your event, a representative of our insurance company will contact you to find out how many teams are registered for the event.  At that time you will be asked to pay for the balance due if any.  After payment has been made, your Certificates of Liability will be forwarded for all the sites you have listed on the application within 48 hours.

JVA Insurance FAQ

JVA Insurance Overview


The Tournament Director is responsible to provide the coaches and team reps with the following forms:

JVA Coaches' Sign-In Form
JVA Participant Release of Liability   
JVA Medical Release Form (USAV Medical waiver and release is acceptable)

It is the Tournament Director's responsibility to inform the coaches and team reps that they can
1) collect the forms online (see blue buttons below or
2) collect hard copies of the forms. 
At your tournament check-in each coach will need to submit the “JVA Coaches’ Sign In Form” if your tournament is JVA insured. This document lets the Tournament Director know that all of the team’s JVA forms have been completed either online or the coach has hard copies of all the forms on hand. Attach the “JVA Coaches’ Sign-in Form” to the team roster and retain on file. You do not need to collect or file any of the insurance forms, only the “JVA Coaches Sign In Form”. 


What if there is an injury?

Be sure that you have a supply of JVA Incident Reports on hand. If any injury occurs, even if minor:
• Secure a copy of the JVA Medical Release Form and JVA Participant Release of Liability for your file OR ascertain that the forms exist online at your club’s AllPlayers.com JVA Player form group.  Click here for the list of clubs’ player submission and admin reporting then scroll to the bottom to view the Groups (list of teams).

The Head Coach (or whoever witnessed the injury) should complete the JVA Incident Report at the time the injury occurs. A parent should never complete an Incident Report, it will not be accepted by the insurance company as a legal document.  

• If the injury is minor simply keep the JVA Incident Report Form on file. If the injury is serious, email the form to Lisa Pierce at
lisa.pierce@jvavolleyball.org or mail to 1414 Underwood Ave., Suite 400, Milwaukee, WI  53213.

• If the family needs to file a claim, email lisa.pierce@jvavolleyball.org to request a copy of the JVA Medical Claim Form. Lisa will insure that the Incident Report has been filed.  The family should follow the instructions for submission included on the form.  No coverage will be granted for incidents that occur at non-JVA insured events.

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