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Click here to Purchase Club and Program Insurance

JVA offers your club liability and sport accident insurance for your participants and your tournaments.  Our club insurance also includes
Sexual Molestation coverage.   You and your parents DO NOT pay an additional registration fee when completing your paperwork on All Players. 
All Players is the site that manages our JVA insurance program.

$101/indoor team (includes players, coaches, club administrators and anyone who tries out)
$10/athlete/coach for season beach insurance

There is NO deductible if the policy is a secondary level of coverage and $100 deductible if primary coverage.

If your team(s) play in JVA Insured Tournaments you will receive a
discount or a rebate on your entry fee that is equal to the amount
of the event insurance. This is coordinated with the Tournament Director. 

If your team plays in events that are non-JVA insured, you will need to
follow the requirements of that event for sanctioning or insurance requirements

JVA Insurance Overview 
provides a complete explanation of the insurance coverage

JVA Insurance FAQ (updated January 2015)

What if there is any injury?

Click here to Purchase Indoor Tournament Insurance

With JVA Tournament insurance a Tournament Director can host an event that allows teams of any national affiliation (USAV, AAU, non-affiliated) to participate. Please review the JVA Insurance Overview for a complete explanation of the insurance coverage.   The rates for indoor event insurance are: 

$12/team/1 day event
$20/team/2 day event
$28/team/3 day event
$70/team/multi-weekend league

Sand/Beach Tournament Insurance:
$4/doubles team/1 day event
$8/doubles team/2 or 3 day event
Click here for more information and to purchase beach insurance.

Tournament Insurance includes coverage for referees and event staff.

If you are not sure of the number of teams participating in your tournament or how many participating teams already have JVA Club insurance, be conservative in your estimate of the number of teams that will attend your event.  You will complete an audit after the event and will pay for any additional teams at this time. You do not need to include JVA insured teams in your estimate.

It is really important to apply for insurance well in advance of the season or an event.  Due to the large volume of last minutes requests, we are adding a $50 fee to expedite applications that are filed less than two weeks prior to the start of your season or your event.

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