The JVA hosts Junior Volleyball educational webinars for club directors and coaches.  
The webinars are FREE for JVA members and $9.99 for non-members.  

Webinar topics range from coaching junior volleyball beginners to elite level, 
and successfuly running a volleyball club.

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 Can I Justify a Volleyball Facility?  
 How to Make Your Assistant Coach an Asset to Your Team  
How to Build a Satellite Club: Increase Your Club Membership and Your Club Resources 
Examining the 5-1 and 6-2 Offense with Special Considerations for Junior Volleyball 
 Parents - From Problems to Assets  
Developing a Linear Training Model For Your Team   
 Club Director Round Table: Tackling Business/Club Formation, Coach Issues, Parent Issues & Club Philosophy
  Offense System Options, Defense System Options, Consideration for System Selection, Drills Designed to Train Systems   
Connecting Junior Beach Volleyball Athletes with College Programs
Ethics and Safety, Drill Development, Practice Plan Development,Skill Development Guidelines, Skill Training Basics   
Club Philosophy & Business Structure
Give Your Team the Winning Edge with Mental Toughness Skills   
Defining your brand, marketing your club, building relationships and other keys to success  
Utilizing Technology in the Club Training Environment   
 Business Basics, Risk Management Issues, Coach Recruitment & Training, Marketing Your Programs
Optimal Formations for Success in Youth Volleyball   
 Coaches - Your Club's Most Valuable Resource
Maximize Your Club's Valuable Court Time 
What Makes a Recruiting Coordinator Great

The Club and College Coach Connection: The Do's and Dont's of Getting Club Athletes Recruited 
The Club/Parent/Player Triad: Keeping Everyone on the Same Page 
Feedback: Make sure your coaches understand what they are REALLY saying — the importance of non-verbal communication

Addressing the Overuse Epidemic in HS and College Volleyball
 Recruiting Education for Junior Volleyball Clubs

Operating a Volleyball Facility: Tips from Seasoned Owners on how to Maximize your Profits and Minimize your Expenses

Integrating Technology Into Your Club Program: Planning, Execution and Reflection/Feedback

Using the AVCA VPI to Train Your Players and Improve their Chances of Making a College Roster 

Coaching Muscle Memory : The Science and Art of Skill Development 

On the Other Side of Fear: 4 Ways to Build Confidence 


JVA Insurance for 2014-2015 Club Season


This one hour webinar explains in detail JVA club insurance and JVA tournament insurance and how to request and purchase insurance and backgrounds checks online.  The JVA System is a free online club management platform and we've made some major upgrades that simplify the system.  The new registration engine can be embedded into your club websites allowing a differentiated level of integration and seamless user experience all the way through the registration and checkout process, never leaving your site. And yes - it's still free!



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