NEW DVDs for Youth Volleyball

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Open Practice: Middle School Volleyball

Watch a live, un-cut youth volleyball practice designed to maximize reps and develop volleyball fundamentals as Kate Fitzgeralald, former member of theMinnesota Chill (United States Professional Volleyball League) and University of Wisconsin volleyball team runs drills for training the two most crucial skills of youth volleyball: serve and serve receive. Learn how to set up an international 4-2 offense - a simple system for promoting a higher level of volleyball at the youth level.

Movement & Technical Skills and Drills for Youth Players

In volleyball, movement skills are the most important first skills to teach to young players. In this presentation, Cheryl Butler, Co-Director of Sports Performance Volleyball Club, demonstrates how to incorporate movement and ball control drills into every practice in a short amount of time.

Teaching Movement Skills to Beginning & Intermediate Players

Cheryl Butler, Co-director of the Sports Performance Volleyball Club and co-owner of the Great Lakes Center (Aurora, Illinois), shares a series of progressive drills perfect for teaching movement skills to players from kindergarten through high school. Each drill includes a 3-phase progression from the most elementary, total beginner to "real volleyball." These progressions arm you with multiple options of the same fundamental skill set that you can adapt to any level you coach.

One Court One Coach Max Reps

Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach, demonstrates how you can reduce long lines in your practices and teach key volleyball skills using creative drill stations. She explains each drill, how to set it up, provides pointers to effectively use the drills and highlights technique cues to ensure the reps are high quality. Keep your ball carts full and your players working while perfecting fundamental techniques! Anne Kordes delivers key strategies you can use to run high-rep practices with one court and one coach. 

Court & Spark: A Volleyball Documentary

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Courtney Thompson, a silver medalist with the 2012 U.S. Olympic Women's Volleyball Team, lives the life of a professional American volleyball star. In the dead of winter in the heart of Poland, she tries to lead the Łódź Boat Builders to respectability. As we follow her season, America’s Olympic setter guides us through a fascinating and complicated conversation about sport, gender, parents, coaches, competition, ethics, money and success. Her journey provides the documentary’s path.

As Courtney moves from chapter to chapter, we hear from some of the finest minds in the sport: Karch Kiraly, Hugh McCutcheon, Doug Beal, John Dunning, Mick Haley, Kathy DeBoer, John Cook and Bill Neville among others. We’ll hear from parents, youth coaches, and other volleyball athletes, young and old.

Munciana Coaches Academy

Full Set of 6 DVD's
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1 DVD - includes 1 Presenter
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Kris Grunwald (Head Coach- University of Connecticut) "Passing Movement and an Introspective Look at Training"

Craig Skinner (Head Coach- University of Kentucky) "Two Critical Elements in Refining Your Setter's Delivery"

Dr. Rob Bell (Sports Psychology and Author) "The Hinge: The Importance of Mental Toughnesss"

Mike Lingenfelter (Munciana Club Director) "Team Drills to Enhance All Skills"

Joe Steenhuysen (DFFO Club Director) "Defending Your Serve- Training Your Players Brains

Wes Lyon (Munciana Club Director)"Serving with Purpose"

Volleyball Training DVDs by Sport Psychologist Dr. Michael Voight

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Winning Strategies: Positive Self Talk & Mental Conditioning  
Dr. Voight takes you through eight different volleyball situations that present mental challenges for players and coaches alike.  Offers a unique and highly effective way to allow a player to witness firsthand how they can take control and realize the power of positive.


Team Toughness: Building Championship Teams for All Ages  

Encompasses the most complete team building plan, processes, and practices available on the market today. This DVD is based entirely on Dr. V’s research and experience applying team building consulting programs for Division I university teams over the past 12 years.

Successfully Coaching Today's Athletes  
Provides educators and coaches with information on the youth generation, delving into the sociological development of this new generation, the determinant causes, and the specific mannerisms and attitudes that separates this generation from the rest.  Dr. Voight presents 10 techniques for a proactive approach of “new school coaching.” Offers a “scouting report” and strategies that provides practical applications for each of the 10 techniques, which will help to reach, teach, relate and motivate you in meeting the many challenges that today’s coaching presents.

JVA Championship Productions DVDs

The following DVD’s are professionally produced and distributed by the widely popular Championship Productions. 
They retail for $29.99-$39.99.
To see the full collection of Championship DVDs click here.  

The ABCs of Volleyball Skills and Drills for Young Athletes
Learn what each volleyball skill looks like, how to teach it and to practice it with young athletes. Get series progressive drills that add a layer of difficulty as your players improve. Features 16x state champion and Asics Kiva Club coach Ron Kordes
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Mini Volleyball: Youth Volleyball Skills and Games
This DVD features drills and games for the very young and inexperienced athlete, 6-12 yrs.

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35 Japanese Drills for Youth Volleyball
Exactly what the title says!
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VolleyTotz is appropriate for 3-7 year olds.  The program teaches overall athletic skills with a focus on volleyball.  The ball used is the Mizuno First Touch.  A cloth-covered air filled bladder that is non-threatening for very young players. The DVD includes classroom session and on-court sessions.  
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JVA Youth Volleyball
Across the Globe Series

Youth Volleyball Netherlands

Matt VanWezel of the Dutch Volleyball School and Dutch National Youth Team

Youth Volleyball Canada

Lynne LeBlanc of the Canadian Volleyball Federation and Atomic Volleyball Programs


JVA brought Matt and Lynne to our JVA Youth Gala Tournament in 2009 for live clinics for all coaches attending the event. The 2 DVD’s are recordings of the live clinics. Matt’s clinic highlights their very successful “Circulation Volleyball” program. Circulation volleyball is a method of play that begins with move and catch and ends with pass, set, hit. It is played with 3-4 on a side. Lynne’s clinic features the games and techniques used in their Mini volleyball (6-10), Atomic volleyball (8-12) and Triple Ball (12-14) programs. Both DVD’s contain activities and games that very young kids, too young to play regular 6 vs. 6 volleyball, can play, be successful and learn the skills of the game.

The set includes both DVDs.

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Japan Youth Volleyball Program
Tim Hardt and Rich Zeciski of JVA traveled to Japan in 2008 and document the youth tra
ining methods of the very successful Japanese youth programs. The DVD shows the drills and activities used to train youth in Japan.

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