JVA Beach Insurance is available to clubs 
who have a JVA Club Director Membership

Beach Insurance Rates

Provide liability protection for your program and sport accident insurance for your participants and staff.  Insure your whole beach club program or just a portion of your teams.

Sand/Beach Tournament Insurance:

$4/doubles team/1 day event
$8/doubles team/2 or 3 day event

For triples and quads tournaments contact John Sample.

It is really important to apply for insurance well in advance of the season or an event.  Due to the large volume of last minutes requests, we are adding a $50 fee to expedite applications that are filed less than two weeks prior to the start of your season or your event.

Practice Insurance:

$10/athlete/coach for season beach insurance
$12 Background Screening with JVA or USAV or AAU are accepted.
Click here to order your background screening.

Camp: $5/Participant, $10/Coach

Beach insurance can also be used for grass programs.

Your Coaches and Players will need to complete the forms below. The forms can be filed online (click blue box below)


or you can collect hard copies (click links below).  

JVA Participant Release of Liability

JVA Release and Medical Form

Beach Rates

$10/athlete/coach for season beach insurance
Beach insurance can also be used for grass programs 

If an injury occurs, even if it is minor:

• Be sure that you have a supply of JVA Incident Report Forms on hand. 

• Secure a copy of the JVA Release and Medical Form and JVA Participant Release of Liability for your file OR ascertain that the forms exist online at your club’s Allplayers.com JVA Player form group.  

• The Head Coach (or whoever witnessed the injury) should complete the JVA Incident Report at the time the injury occurs

• If the injury is minor simply keep the JVA Incident Report Form on file. If the injury is serious, email the form to Lisa Pierce at lisa.pierce@jvavolleyball.org or mail to
1414 Underwood Ave., Suite 400, Milwaukee, WI  53213

• If the family needs to file a claim, email lisa.pierce@jvavolleyball.org to request a copy of the JVA Medical Claim Form.  Lisa will insure that the Incident Report has been filed.  The family should follow the instructions for submission included on the form.

JVA Insurance Overview

JVA Insurance FAQ

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