• Live Coverage of JVA Kansas City Classic

    FloVolleyball brings live coverage of JVA Kansas City Classic all weekend. Catch the action on, Roku & Apple TV 4.

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  • Nominations Open for 2018 Ultra Ankle® JVA AthLeader Award

    The 2018 Ultra Ankle® JVA AthLeader Award selects 20 girls indoor junior volleyball players who exemplify outstanding volleyball performance, academic excellence, leadership, responsibility, and selflessness.

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  • JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week

    This week's JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week by Axis Elite Volleyball (Simpsonville, SC) shares a wash drill called Fix-It Drill that can be played 4v4 and 6v6. It focuses on correcting an error immediately after it happens, offensive and defensive.

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  • Let JVA Ease Your Club Season Management

    Being a part of the JVA means having a support system and the tools to run your club successfully. The JVA is here to listen, unite and give back to our members. Be JVA United today!

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For Club Directors

JVA shares education and options for Running a Tournament, Training Your Coaches, Communicating with Parents, Developing your Club Philosophy, Branding and Growing your Club Programs.

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For Coaches

JVA shares coaching education for beginner through elite level focused on coaching the mental and physical skills for indoor and beach junior volleyball players. 

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For Players

JVA shares education and insight on how to be an elite volleyball athlete, the volleyball recruiting process, fitness, and finding a club that is the right fit for you and your family.

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Find a Tournament or Power League near you. JVA insured tournaments are all-inclusive so all teams, no matter what affiliation (USAV, AAU, JVA) can participate and will be insured.

Recent Posts

New Recruiting Legislation and Practical Application for Junior Volleyball Clubs

The NCAA Division I Council adopted new recruiting legislation on April 18, 2018. There has been a lot of conjecture out there over the past few days but it's best to adhere to the facts and support our athletes with the goal of educating and guiding them within the confines of the new legislation. Let's begin with the proposals that have been passed, the rationale, some side notes and practical applications of the rules.

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3 Budget Tricks to Make Your Club Fees Last All Season

It’s a recurring nightmare that plays out with many volleyball club directors. Midway through the season, you realize your organization has overspent and doesn’t have the money to cover the remaining costs. What happened? Chances are, you failed to adequately prepare a budget based on the club’s specific needs and expenses.

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From the JVA Office: Boys Volleyball is on the Rise and All Clubs Can Have an Impact

Boys volleyball is becoming increasingly popular, as many decide to leave the field and step onto the hard court. With the transition, male athletes are entering an entirely new competitive environment. In every sport male athletes are naturally driven to use their physicality to be the best at what they do. In volleyball, however, their physical strength and build alone will not win them games. It is up to the coaches to train male players to become more mentally and technically sound, to increase their volleyball IQ, and to use more than just their physical strength to dominate. But how? We reached out to a few successful JVA coaches in the boys’ community to give us some advice.

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