• Nominate Your Exemplary Players for the JVA AthLeader Award

    Which players best represent your club? The JVA AthLeader Award recognizes a select group of players in the nation for outstanding achievement outside of the the volleyball court in the 15s-18s age divisions.

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    The JVA Spring Webinar Series includes a strong line-up of important topics in junior volleyball today. All webinars are free for JVA members and only $9.99 for non-members.

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  • JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week

    JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week by Empowered Volleyball Academy (Fort Wayne, IN) shares an arm swing series for increasing power in a player's arm swing.

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  • Register for JVA SummerFest!

    After an outstanding inaugural JVA Rock 'N Rumble in Cleveland, we're gearing up for JVA SummerFest in Columbus, Ohio June 4-5th. Join us!

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For Club Directors

Information on Branding, Club philosophy, Running a Tournament, Training Your Coaches, Parent communication, and Growing your club programs.

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For Coaches

Videos, Articles, Documents, and Webinars focused on coaching the mental and physical skills for junior volleyball players.

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For Players

Education on the Volleyball Recruiting Process, Fitness, JVA Awards, and Finding a Club that is the right fit for you.

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Find a Tournament or Power League near you. JVA insured tournaments are all-inclusive so all teams, no matter what affiliation (USAV, AAU, JVA) will be insured.

Recent Posts

The JVA World Challenge Lands in Metropolis of Sports

For more than a hundred years, Kansas City, Missouri, has been known as the City of Fountains, and it is widely known for serving up some of the world's best barbecue. But in the last few decades, Kansas City has added a new nickname to its list: City of Fanatics—sports fanatics, that is. How fitting that the 2016 JVA World Challenge makes its debut in Kansas City, as the JVA embarks upon it's 10 year anniversary, a huge milestone for what once was a very small organization with a very large purpose.

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From the JVA Office: Fighting the Second Half Slump

Spring Break, prom, graduation, ACT's, homework... it's that time of the year where many distractions creep in for athletes and it's easy for coaches to become frustrated. It's difficult to have an efficient practice when many players are missing, and when they are at practice, they're thinking about what dress to wear that weekend. How can we as coaches keep our players focused, especially with Nationals right around the corner?

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3 Common Myths in the Volleyball Recruiting Process

Let's examine three myths that aim to detour the athletes from achieving maximum success in the recruiting process. The goal here is to uncover a few 'facts' that spur on not only athletes but also Club Directors and Recruiting Coordinators to heed the 'call to action'. Action that leads to results.

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