• 2018 Ultra Ankle JVA All-National Teams Announced

    The JVA is pleased to announce the selections for the 2018 Ultra Ankle® JVA All-National Team. The award recognizes the top female indoor volleyball players competing for a JVA member club in the 15s-18s divisions.

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  • 2018 Ultra Ankle JVA AthLeaders Announced

    The JVA has selected 20 girls indoor junior volleyball players who exemplify outstanding volleyball performance, academic excellence, leadership, responsibility, and selflessness as the 2018 Ultra Ankle® JVA AthLeaders.

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  • JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week

    This week's JVA Coach to Coach Video of the Week by Xcel Volleyball Performance (Hendersonville, NC) shares a beginner out of system setting drill to give players a lot of reps setting the pin attackers in an out of system situation.

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  • Let JVA Ease Your Club Season Management

    Being a part of the JVA means having a support system and the tools to run your club successfully. The JVA is here to listen, unite and give back to our members. Be JVA United today!

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For Club Directors

JVA shares education and options for Running a Tournament, Training Your Coaches, Communicating with Parents, Developing your Club Philosophy, Branding and Growing your Club Programs.

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For Coaches

JVA shares coaching education for beginner through elite level focused on coaching the mental and physical skills for indoor and beach junior volleyball players. 

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For Players

JVA shares education and insight on how to be an elite volleyball athlete, the volleyball recruiting process, fitness, and finding a club that is the right fit for you and your family.

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Find a Tournament or Power League near you. JVA insured tournaments are all-inclusive so all teams, no matter what affiliation (USAV, AAU, JVA) can participate and will be insured.

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The Power of a Well Designed Time Out

Nobody wants to call a time out. It almost always indicates your team is struggling or doing some things you certainly didn't train them to do! In terms of match impact, however, your time outs are your best opportunity to influence your team and players. Here are some ways for coaches to maximize the potential of a timeout by the delivery and content of communication to your team.

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9 Ways to Elevate Boys Volleyball in Your Club

Boys volleyball isn’t one of the first, let alone tenth sports that comes to mind when discussing boys athletic programs in the south. But those that have played or watched men’s volleyball, have witnessed first hand the excitement, fast pace, and power that accompanies the sport. When we started our boys program at Carolina Union Volleyball Club we had no idea what to expect, however here are nine keys that we believe helped the growth of our program, as well as boys volleyball in the area.

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Beach Volleyball Stats: 4 Skills that are Easy and Useful to Track to Win More Matches

Keeping stats in volleyball at any level, indoor or beach, can be very useful in tracking improvement and determining the focus of practices. While win-loss records can be the result of improvements in skill, there are many incremental skill improvements that can only be measured through stats. Tracking just 4 key skills can provide very clear direction to focus your beach training.

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